3 of the Best Electric Scooters for Kids

3 of the Best Electric Scooters for Kids

3 of the Best Electric Scooters for Kids

Electric scooters have dropped in value and increased in value in recent years and with it, so has the demand for them among both adults and kids. There’s a pretty wide market in terms of quality and price, but these are among the best. So, let’s check out the best electric scooters on the market.

Pulse Performance GRT 11 Royal Blue Electric Scooter

The conventional checkered flag motifs give the Pulse GRT 11 a racing vibe that is all about being classic; the ride period is around 40 minutes and the speed is at 8mph. Stability is achieved by the use of high quality stainless steel, in fact the inner frame, the handlebars as well as the stem all benefit from dual strength to ensure that the scooter can match age 10 as well as those above. Young riders can quickly move to the foot run method (from the battery one) with the help of the built in foot brake, as well as the throttle which is activated with the thumb. The GRT 11 comes in at a lower price than others and can be purchased in a choice of red or blue.

It could be a real struggle to find a scooter which operates at this speed and has excellent structure for a lower price, pound for pound it’s one of the best electric powered scooters for kids out there. While wholesale is good (better than the Razor when you are taking on the bumps), the cheap price means that the quality overall of the components leaves a little room for preference. One example is the wheels which are strong, slim and similar to wheels on roller blades; this means they do not roll with the same efficiency or even give the same amount of padding as the Razor which has wider wheels of full air.

Qaba Electric Kids Motorized 120W Scooter

This super scooter allows children to use their energy in an exciting activity.

You can reach your desired location quickly at the maximum speed of 7.5mph. Fast turns can be achieved with the help of the wide foot deck which also aids stability. Riders with a weight of up to 154 pounds can enjoy this durable stainless steel frame, making it a great choice for a child’s first scooter. A lead acid battery is used along with an integrated charger, the charging time is between 5 and 8 hours. The front hand brake ensures your child feels in control at all times while the belt-run motor has them reaching top speed quickly. With this choice it’s all about having a scooter and being an awesome rider.

Pulse Performance Sonic XL

Pulse Performance has certainly developed a high quality product brand and the Sonic XL is no exception to their rule! It is well constructed and uses high quality components, something you will notice as soon as you open the box. There is a large deck (which you stand on) which allows for enhanced control and stability, along with air-stuffed scooters, it was our joint opinion that this was made to be a truly great ride.

We found the charging time to be around 40 minutes, this was less than the time for the Razor scooters; that being said the Sonic XL has a greater velocity at 13 mph and is a stronger scooter, making this less significant. When it comes to riding on a variety of terrains and for taking on hills, this is an excellent choice. However, we must mention that, since the maximum speed is higher, it must be used with caution for younger children who may not always ride sensibly.

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