5 of 2017’s Coolest Pieces Of Golf Tech

5 of 2017’s Coolest Pieces Of Golf Tech

5 of 2017’s Coolest Pieces Of Golf Tech

Golf is increasingly tech orientated. From the amount of R&D that goes into the clubs to the great gadgets that are sold to make golfing easier and also more fun. I’ve taken a look and picked a mix of the useful and desirable as well as some of the more bizarre for this list of 2017’s coolest piece of golf tech.


GPS Range Finders

Finding the exact yardage of a shot will help to improve your chances of actually doing well and this is where golf range finders come in.

These simple pieces of technology utilise GPS capabilities to showcase to golfers how far they’ve hit the ball, the hazards that could harm them and also gives them the exact yards to a hole. It’s a vital piece of technology that is fantastic for any golfer’s arsenal and can help cut strokes off each round – http://www.topgolfrangefinders.com/ have a nice selection


Gotham Golfcart


If you dream of feeling like a superhero but don’t think you can afford a real Batmobile, then you are in luck. Draw both gasps of shock and the respecting look and admiration of your fellow golfers on the course when you deftly maneuver water and sand traps in the Gotham Golfcart. Designed off the Tumbler, the Batmobile of the Dark Knight trilogy of 2005 through 2012, it can hit speeds as high as 38 mph. Twin aerodynamic rings fold around your passenger compartment to protect you from any inbound golf balls.


The Voice Caddie VC300


This lightweight GPS device is something that actually talks to you while you are going through the golf course’s individual holes. The Voice Caddie VC300 knows where you are instantaneously and also can let you know what distance your next drive needs to cover. Even if you are not a golfer, or you already have one, this handy device makes a great gift for the golfer in your life, since it supports multiple languages from around the world, including English, Spanish, and Japanese. The nice part about this unit is that on sunny days, the display is easy to read without reflecting solar glare in your eyes.




You can enhance your golf game using Swingbyte’s live-time swing data. Just attach this unit to any of your clubs, and then also connect it to a tablet or smartphone thanks to Bluetooth connectivity. When you’re ready, connect the app, and then start swinging. Swingbyte is a device that records every one of your swings so you can review it right then and there or do analysis later on away from the fairway or green. You can analyze your acceleration, head speed, club face angle, and even a 360-degree swing view, all so you can up your game and increase your ability. You can use Swingbyte with both Android and iOS devices.


Golf Hovercraft

This was made famous back in 2013, and the hovercraft golf cart is the pinnacle of gadgets that inspire envy and awe. This project was a joint effort between Oakley and pro golfer Bubba Watson. This hovercraft golf cart has the power to glide over any course terrain, be it grass, water, and sand, and it can hit speeds up to 45 mph. Hovering up to 9 inches over the ground, it can help preserve the course grass. The minimal noise of the fan design helps you not bother other players, but it can carry you and three other players, plus two golf bags all at once.

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