5 Apps Every Sports Lover Needs

5 Apps Every Sports Lover Needs

5 Apps Every Sports Lover Needs

Great Sports apps can take your enjoyment to the next level and help you keep up to track with your sports, their stats and all the other info you need. So, which ones are the best?


As far as sports go, ESPN is a staple supplier of sports news for decades now. The sports news outlet features scores, news, highlights, analysis, and more sports related content from the vast majority of sports organizations from across the globe. This same content is available on the ESPN app. Additionally, the app gives its users access to its TV channels. Importantly, users can access the channels for free if they have a support cable TV provider. Unlike many other competing sports apps, the ESPN also covers eSports, allowing gamers to track the latest news in the field.

The app has improved greatly over time, rising to the upper echelon in as far as sports news apps go.

CBS Sports

Another top-calls sports app is the CBS sports app. It sports a plethora of features and intricately covers sports from across the globe. Among the notable content that the app provides includes news, stats, scores, and the latest social media content in the world of sports (it highlight tweets from the sports world). But perhaps what makes this sports app stand out is its wide coverage. It covers a wide number of leagues from across the world, spanning in sports such as soccer, basketball, hockey, tennis, football, baseball, motor sports, golf and much more.

The app also provides users with an opportunity to watch numerous live sporting shows and sporting events. For instance, CBS Sports app users can stream live NCAA basketball events in the early days of the season. It gives its users access to SEC football games. As for sporting shows, app users can live stream shows such as the Carton Jim Rome, and Boomer. Additionally, the app is Chromecast-enabled. This provides users with the ability to cast on-demand live videos and content to your television, while at the same time providing users with the exceptional user control that Chromecast is known for.

An interesting additional feature is the inbuilt games that it comes with. The app comes equipped with three games to entertain app users. The free app not only makes the app interesting entertainment resource but also gives users a chance to earn prizes (usually in the form of money). For instance, the Pick 4 Fantasy Golf and King of the Streak games have weekly prizes for users. The third game gives app users a chance to engage in friendly competition, in regards to has superior football knowledge.

Finally, it should not go unmentioned that the app allows it users to customize and personalize notifications as well as scheduling games to the Watchlist, negating the possibility of missing out on any information and games.

Google Now

Google Apps is a source for a wide variety of information. It is designed to provide information on anything and everything. However, what makes this app a good fit as a sports news app is the learning capability that the app has. While using the apps, it tracks your preferences and thereafter adapts to providing a personalized new feed. As such, when you spend some time using the app, it learns your sport news preferences and provides you emerging information automatically, without the need to conduct extensive searches.

One caveat of this app is lack of depth. The information it provides is not as comprehensive as other dedicated sports apps such as the ESPN app.

Thuuz Sports

Thuuz app’s main feature is allowing its users to follow their favorite sports teams. However, it also features a unique feature where it follows and tracks online sports news and rates the excitement of the news on a scale of 0-100. Finally, the app provides information on where to watch upcoming sporting events, providing users with cable and streaming options. It may not be the same as the best sportsbooks in Vegas┬áto watch games, but it’s still a great addition for lovers of sports.

MSN Sports

MSN Sports covers a wide range of sporting discipline. It covers over 150 leagues from across the globe. It allows users to follow their favorite teams and tailors news accordingly. Importantly, the app allows users to sync their content and preference between their mobile apps and the web. As such, users can use the app or web option to find live scores and highlights.

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