5 Awesome Pieces of Technology for Fish Lovers

5 Awesome Pieces of Technology for Fish Lovers

5 Awesome Pieces of Technology for Fish Lovers

You love your fish and you love tech – well they’re a match made in heaven as there is a wide range of awesome tech and numerous gadgets for your tank and your aquarium. Here are some of the coolest.

The Powerray Fishfinder

It always helps to have an advantage in life, and that is also true when you’re fishing. This fishfinder is just such an advantage and even though some people may balk at the idea, it is the best thing you could have on your boat for success. The fishfinder operates with a tethered drone that drops approximately 30 m. The light attached to the drone attracts prey and with a Wi-Fi connection and 4K UHD camera, it allows you see your catch in real time. Thanks to the gesture based VR controls, you can get close to the action without having to get suited up.

Fluval SPEC Glass Aquarium for the Desktop

If you enjoy having some fish nearby, you can check out this small and functional desktop aquarium. The Fluval is equipped with frosted glass and an integrated three stage filter that flows at a rate of 40 gallons every hour. It comes as a kit and includes the glass aquarium and cover. You will also find a circulation pump, LED light unit, activated carbon insert, foam filter block, low voltage transformer, BIOMAX insert and a convenient, adjustable flow control in the kit. Although this particular unit doesn’t come with a lot of pretty bells and whistles, it is just a matter of buying a plant and adding some decorations. At that point, you will have it all. 

Water Scope

The Japanese designer, Haruka Misawa, is the brainchild behind the series of fish tanks. They are quite unique because of their 3-D printed interiors. The sculptures that are included in the fish tanks are perfectly suited for the underwater buoyant properties. The sculptures will not only remain intact, they will reside just under the surface and create their own micro-environments.


It is important to keep a close eye on your aquarium and this crowdfunded aquarium fitness monitor is the perfect way to do so. You can track and analyze many aspects of the underwater environment on your iOS or android device. Some of the different factors that can be tracked include pH, salinity, water levels and temperatures. It’s a great way to keep your eye on things while you’re away but it doesn’t contain a tank cam, so you won’t be able to keep an eye on your fish.

NoClean Aquariums with GravityFlow Self-Cleaning Glass

There is no doubt that plants are a great way to keep the aquarium clean but if you don’t want plants, this set up can help. You add fresh water and the dirty water flows out. All of the decorations and fish will remain in position. Just make sure that the fish get adequate darkness as well as light, it’s something we found out after reading this piece that discusses do Betta Fish need light. This system is only for use with bettas. They will require a regular change of water anyway, so this option is a great choice.


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