5 Must-Have Medical Apps

5 Must-Have Medical Apps

5 Must-Have Medical Apps

Although many niches have already embraced the power of technology and all that it has to offer, the medicine and sports niches seem left out. This could be because the two niches only rely on true and tried methods to function properly, hence the dependence on the good old traditional ways.

This however doesn’t mean you cannot take advantage of health apps and fitness gadgets available on the market today. Some of the medical apps available on the market today can help you prevent, manage, and even contain most health conditions. These apps can be downloaded from the app store. You however shouldn’t use any of these apps to diagnose or treat a health condition.

1. CareZone

CareZone is one of the best medical apps available in Google Play Store and other app stores. The app is specially designed to help manage doctor’s instructions as well as family medications. You can use the app to check doses for drugs, medication lists, and any additional info about a drug. The best thing about having this app is that you can set/create schedules (when to see a doctor, take medication, check-up, etc.) log health incidents, as well as organize pharmacy and doctor contacts.  CareZone is available free of charge and isn’t bloated with ads either. It’s one of many ways that brands are using smartphones – see more in this post from ICON.

2. UpToDate

UpToDate is another heavy hitter currently available for both Android and iOS devices. This however is very popular with physicians who wish to keep themselves updated on the latest news in medicine. You will find almost all medical answers on this app.   While downloading the app is free, the only way you can access the wealth of medical knowledge is by subscribing to the service. Every physician is required to pay a subscription of at least $499 to access the UpToDate medical database.

3. HealthTap

This app makes it possible for one to have virtual appointments with some of the top doctors in the country. You can also use the app to have your queries answered as well. Consumers can access live consultations with medical doctors, where each concierge service is charged at $44.  You can however pay a monthly subscription of $99 to access such virtual appointments unlimitedly.  Upon subscribing to the service, you will be eligible to video consultations, text chats, and in-app messages with the top doctors. You can use the service while traveling overseas as well. It’s however worth noting that, HealthTap Services do not accept insurance for payment.

4. Doximity

This is considered the official social networking platform for doctors and physicians. Doctors can access the service free of charge, which gives them a platform to communicate, share ideas, and even seek help from more experienced doctors. According to Doximity, more than 40% of all doctors and physicians in the U.S are members. The app is available on both iOS and Android, and joining is free. You can also use the app to follow trends and news in your area of specialty. While the app is free to download, one needs to sign up to access all the features available.

5. QxMD’s

ReadRead focuses mainly on medical journals and literature. Users can download articles, journals, and studies they are interested in via the app. The app is available for iOS and Android platforms. Users can find a wealth of medical journals, papers, and Pubmed articles from accredited medical institutions, universities, and other linked organizations.
With plenty of free health content online, and apps to provide access, physicians and doctors can take advantage of these services to better their knowledge or solve medical mysteries. While thousands of journals on Read are free, some pieces may require a subscription to access.

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