5 Tips To Help You Build Your Freelancer Reputation

5 Tips To Help You Build Your Freelancer Reputation

5 Tips To Help You Build Your Freelancer Reputation

One of the best things that you can do as a freelancer for your career is to focus on building up your reputation.  For a freelancer, having a good reputation can help you get more work and be paid more.


There isn’t any way of having a perfect reputation at all times.  There are always going to be individuals who don’t agree with you and haters out there.  I have been able to build a pretty solid reputation while working as a freelancer.  However, there still are some people who really dislike me and have said I was awful.  The important thing to remember is to build a solid enough reputation so that a couple of detractors can’t impeded your success.


The following are a few ideas of where to begin building your freelancer reputation:


  1. Realize That It Does Take Time


You can’t expect to develop an incredible reputation quickly.  It does take some time as a freelancer to build your online reputation.  The best reputations are the result of many years of effort and hard work.  You can begin to establish yourself within a couple of months, and that can be sufficient enough of a reputation to be able to land your next gig.  However, it will most likely taker longer to establish your long-term reputation.  When establishing your freelance business, be sure to keep this in mind.


  1. Be Professional


As a freelancer, one of the most effective ways to build up your reputation is to act professionally at all times.  Whenever you are interacting with potential clients and current clients, always behave as professional as you can, including using the correct spelling and grammar.  I have gotten to know some of my clients to the point where I can be somewhat less professional around them, however in general I do try to be as straightforward and efficient in my interactions as I can be.  That’s a way of letting others know how serious I am about the work that I do – and that I will complete it on time.


Also, if you start to do work in a certain niche on a regular basis, keep in mind that people talk with one another.  So it’s going to get around if you happen to be a problem freelancer.  This will make it more difficult for you to get work.


  1. Meet Your Deadlines


Meeting your deadlines is one of the best things you can do to build up your reputation.  You are much more likely to be recommended and trust if you finish your work on time.  If a situation arises which prevents you from being able to meet your deadly, it is critical that you communicate this to your client so that they know you are going to be late.  A majority of clients will understand, as long as you don’t miss deadlines constantly.


  1. Turn In Work That Doesn’t Need A Lot Of Editing


When not a lot has to be done with your work editors really love it.  Although I am far from being perfect, I try to turn in work that doesn’t need a lot of revisions.  In fact, I am rarely asked to make revisions.  There are times that an editor might make minor adjustments or corrections to my writing.  However, usually my submissions go through without any problems.  That makes everybody happy and helps you build up a solid reputation as someone who is very easy to work with.  So be sure and take your time and proofread your work prior to turning it in.  That way you will less likely to have any problems.


  1. Pay It Forward


Help others.  I recommend other writers on a regular basis for freelance work.  I also offer my insights anytime someone asks for them.  At times I think maybe I should be doing more, however I do try doing whatever I can.  So if are able to build up your reputation as somebody who is willing to go that extra mile and help others, you will not only feel great about what you do, but will also be recognized by others for doing a good job.

Cormac Reynolds

Cormac Reynolds is the owner of UK marketing and SEO company My Online Marketer and has written for a number of prominent publications online. Get in touch @brightoncormac


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