6 Awesome Places You Can Find Free Music

6 Awesome Places You Can Find Free Music

6 Awesome Places You Can Find Free Music

Music is readily available nowadays and it’s often as simple as turning on your computer or picking up your smartphone to hear a new tune. So, where do you get the best tunes – we take a look.


Creative Commons licensing is what makes the free music downloads at Jamendo possible. Under the license, artists themselves chose to give out music for the public to enjoy for free.

Discovering new music at Jamendo is a simple as viewing the most played, most downloaded, most popular, and most current releases of free music downloads. You are also able to search for artists you know to find out whether any of their new music is available for download.

Listing to one of the radio channels Jamendo offers is another great way to find good music here. When you find an artist or song you love, you can choose to download that individual track or the whole album.


Pure Volume is a music discovery website that offers the artists on the website the choice of offering free music downloads of their songs.

You can view the free music downloads by artists, featured songs, top downloads, newest, or most popular albums.

Downloading songs for free from PureVolume in MP3 format on demand is possible without the need of creating an account.


If you are looking for the ultimate portal for discovering free music downloads directly from the artists’ websites, you will find it in SoundClick. The artists have chosen to allow people to download their music for free including both unsigned and signed artists.

With SoundClick, you simply browse through the various music genres and charts until you find a music download you would like to have and either download or listen to the song.

You also have the option to create custom radio stations, read more about SoundClick artists, or even get to know other listeners on the forums.

While it is possible to download free music from SoundClick, some music artists only make their music available after paying for the download while others only allow streaming.

Bagi Shared

The site has a wide range of music to download from an array of sources – some of which aren’t as commonplace as others. It’s easy to use and a well laid out side. If you want to download lagu music now, you can do it here.

A great place to download music from.

Noise Trade

On Noise Trade, you can download thousands of free music albums legally. The artists on Noise Trade would like you to check out their creations and if you are inclined to do so because you like it, you can choose to help by promoting them to your friends or you can tip them.

For each album you would like to download you have to enter your zip code and email address and you will receive a download code via email. The MP3 files come packaged in a ZIP file.

Internet Archive’s Audio Library

Internet Archive’s Audio Library features millions of free downloads of radio programs, podcasts, audio, music, and their famed Live Music Archive.

You have the option of sorting the free music downloads by creator, publishing date, title, or most viewed items.

You will find all kinds of artists offering free music downloads including Smashing Pumpkins, Grateful Dead, 311, John Mayer, and Janet Jackson.

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