7 Reasons We May Soon See Chipped Humans

7 Reasons We May Soon See Chipped Humans

7 Reasons We May Soon See Chipped Humans

The RFID chip may be a very useful tool, particularly in emergency situations where having instant access to the correct information in a life and death situation is critical. The following are some of the other advantages of RFID chips:

1. Losing your wallet is something you won’t have to worry about anymore.

RFID chips are used in many activities we do on a daily basis. They are embedded in the cards that we use for paying for items at the store, borrowing books at the library, gaining access to buildings and taking public transportation. The problem is that the plastic cards can get stolen or lost. However, it is impossible to steal or lose an implanted RFID chip.

2. Provides even identification

Our driver’s licenses, IDs, and passports contain microchips already and only minimal changes would be required in infrastructures such as at airports, bus stations and train stations to transition to scanning arms from scanning passports. The only thing you would need to do is walk by a reader in order to be identified.

3. Access control and club memberships

The Baja Beach Clubs in Barcelona, Spain, and Rotterdam, the Netherlands were the first clubs that offered VIP clients microchipping. This enabled them to avoid having to wait in line and provided easy access to the features of their membership. Their chips are used by members for keeping track of what they have ordered and for paying for their drinks and foods. The chips can be scanned by a waiter and their bank accounts are automatically debited by a computer. Implanted RFID chips are practical as well as at gyms, in hotels, in the workplaces and anyplace else where identification is necessary for granting access.

4. Medical histories are always easy to access

An implanted RFID chip may be used for gaining access to your medical history: what medication you are taking, what you are allergic to, what antibiotics you have used in the past, and any other relevant medical information that might be needed in a medical emergency, particularly if you are unconscious. The implants are especially useful for individuals who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease, cardiovascular disease or diabetes. The actual chip does not contain the entire medical history of a patient but instead has a unique number or code that can be used to obtain information from a database.

5. Keep track of criminals, children, and patients

Criminals escaping from jail, hospital patients and the elderly wandering away from care facilities, and babies getting mixed up at the hospital are all fairly common occurrences. Children also sometimes are kidnapped, run away from home or get lost in crowds. In these situations, having the ability to track someone down provides peace of mind for many parents, family members, and caregivers. The initial 4 hours of a kidnapping are the most critical, since usually, it is during that time frame when a murder usually occurs. An RFID chip can help to lower the risk significantly of something awful happening. If you’re interested in understanding more this blog post explains a lot of the other sides of chipping.

6. You can control many devices automatically

Imagine having the ability to automatically start your car, open your front door when approaching it, having your favorite television channel switch on as you are sitting down on the couch, or the thermostat ensuring the temperature is right for when you get home from work. An RFID implant makes all of this possible and provides digital identity to the real world.

7. You will be the only one able to use your own weapon

An implant system has been developed by Browning as well as Smith & Wesson for firearms that only allows the registered owner to be able to fire the weapon. Situations where a weapon is found accidentally by a kid, end up in the wrong hands or is stolen will not result in dangerous situations any longer. The GPS functionality in the weapons also provides information on who, when and where the gun was fired, which will make the phenomena of lost weapons at crime scenes obsolete.

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