How AV Benefits Business

How AV Benefits Business

How AV Benefits Business

Audio/video aids used in business training and communication is helpful in several different ways. Each individual retains and understands information in a different way. That is why multiple audio and visual learning aids are used by professional training organizations during presentation sessions. These sessions are often called multimedia presentations, and may include auditory, visual and written methods as well as interactive methods at times.

Information Retention

The U.S. Department of Labor’s OSHA Office of Training and Education reports that information retention three days following an event or meeting is six times greater whenever that information gets presented by oral and visual means compared to when information is only presented by spoken words. Combining sound and sight, in addition to written handouts is a very necessary component when it comes to retaining information, and most experienced training organizations do incorporate it.

Saving Time With Visual Aids

Your business can save time by using visual aids, especially when the subject contains information that might be too long for oral or written communication. Animation, video shorts, photographs, diagrams, graphs and pie charts frequently help to quickly explain subject matter, and in a way that the learner can more easily absorb. For every organization time is very valuable, so the importance of effective and timely implementation of communication and training should be a major consideration. Visual aids may include white boards, models, flip charts, projectors, or a combination of these.

Auditory Aids

The kinds of audio visual┬áthat you use within your multimedia presentations will greatly depend on your budget. However, the effectiveness of each kind needs to be considered. Live speakers who have working knowledge regarding the subject and experience with adult learning concepts, can provide good interactive experiences. When a concept or point isn’t clear, the trainer is right there to answer any questions and provide additional detail. Also trainers can provide the program with some added personality, and give individual attention to groups or persons when necessary. Using prerecorded voices in presentations might seem cost-effective and can get the job done, however there is no guarantee that this form of communication will be completely understood.


Handouts work to reinforce visual and oral components, and may go into further detail if warranted or desired. Handouts enable participated to follow along with the information that is being presented, take notes, come up with questions or serve as a refresher course by referring to major points at some point in the future. For people who learn in a more effective way through reading compared to other methods, handouts are a very important component of business communication and training. When fill in the blank sections and short quizzes are added to handouts it helps to reinforce the material, and in the process engages participants.

Why Engagement Is So Important

Making use of multiple mediums in presentations can help groups and individuals to interact and become more active in the session. Individuals who become engaged in the process have a tendency to understand and retain information in a more effective manner, and are not as prone to being inattentive. Participating in whole-group and team activities, Q&A sessions and games make things less monotonous and also reinforce and encourage learning, team building skills and management. Employees who are engaged in the communication and business training processes are much better equipped to be able to use the information within real-life business situations.

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