Beard Accessories And Gadgets For Men

Beard Accessories And Gadgets For Men

Beard Accessories And Gadgets For Men

What do you get the man who has everything, including a beard – these items could be the thing.

Philips Norelco Pro Vacuum Stubble And Beard Trimmer

As opposed to what many people might think, keeping a beard requires a lot of maintenance work, so it can’t be considered as laziness. This trimmer saves you one of the required maintenance steps by collecting hair trimmings as you progress, keeping your bathroom counter clear of those annoying beard trimmings. If you share the house with a bearded guy, and most importantly, if you share the bathroom, making him this gift will actually be in your favor.

Vacuum Haircutter

I’ve mentioned this before, but I have to come back to it again. The Flowbee is a tube-shaped attachment that snaps into the socket on your hoover. Just place it on your head, switch on the device and it will suck your beard or hair into this tube featuring a tiny blade that’s going to trim your hairs to a uniform length. This simple tool can give you a refreshing and accurate vacuum beardcut. Just keep in mind that, as appealing as it may be, using this tube on any other part of your body would turn into a mess.

Beard Baubles

Believe it or not, this is what makes the human race the most advances species on this planet: Christmas baubles for your beard. This progressing and colorful detail makes us the best of the best. This is an experiment in the area of facial fashion accessories that proves beyond any reasonable doubt the tight connection between the compulsion to cover our face and neck in body hair and the seasonal celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.

Hair Removal

If you’re into manscaping then your man may want something more than just a razor for Christmas. Laser hair removal can help with this according to Dore Aesthetics and could be the perfect gift from the man who wants something more permanent.

The Good Old Straight Razor

You may still remember your grandpa and his good old-fashioned razor. Whenever you need a close shave, this is your best option. Nonetheless, the straight razor can also be used for up-close sculpting of big beards (don’t try this at home before receiving proper instructions on how to do it) or scraping the neck for shorter beards. Furthermore, probably the best thing about this gorgeous bocote wood razor from NYC’s The Art of Shaving is that you can simply leave it in a cup on your bathroom counter whenever you don’t need it. It can add a touch of class to your decor.

Goatee Styler

This is nothing else than an adjustable shaving template to help you shape your goatee. With this simple yet effective gadget, you can look like someone with an excellent attention to detail, rather than an ageing hipster who refuses to accept his age. Should you use this tool, I might not even want to speak to in case we meet.

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