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The Future Of Television, From Sweden With Love – PART 1

Hollywood might be the king of content and Madison Avenue might be raking in the big ad budgets, but the future of TV is being produced outside the Un

Why You Need To Diversify Your Customers

I see it time and time again — businesses put all of their eggs into 1 or 2 customers, neglecting the fact that they can count their revenue sou

Top Startups For Conferences

Conferences and tradeshows are welcome despite our busy work schedules; we learn new skills, network, drum up business, and down a few free cocktails

How to Protect Your Business From Attacks Without Really Trying

You trust your employees, right? Maybe you shouldn’t…   At least, not in issues of network security.  Whether you like it or not, employ

Resilience – The Way To Survive A Cyber Attack

The claim that any Western, information technology dependent society could be brought down by a fifteen-minute cyber attack has recently provoked inte

When Your Data is Destroyed: Video

The startup Scality explains how to protect your data.

The Road To DevOps ROI

The Road To DevOps ROI

Understanding the interplay between best practices and the tool chain. DevOps is gaining traction as a software development methodology.  Though it m

A New Way To Collaborate On Projects Using The Flower Platform

Open source software (OSS) is noted for its collaborative model and is often provided free. Developers creating open source code use licenses that let

Reaping The Benefits Of The 3D Printer

The 3D printer, a device which came out in 1984, and having been used in industrial conditions for 20 years, has finally caught the public eye, and ha