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Patents and Open Source: Having Your Cake and Eating It, Too

Contrary to popular belief, protecting your business through patents is not necessarily at odds with an open-source approach. The two can be combined

Can Myspace Successfully Reinvent Itself?

Last week, as MTV’s Catfish went to commercial break an old friend from middle school visited me. A lot had changed since I had last seen him and i

Security Cameras – Who’s Watching Anyway?

Look up. They’re all around us.   Wherever you cast your eyes, there’s a security camera, recording your every movement, day in and day out.

Startups: Taking a Look Beyond Silicon Valley

Have you ever thought about startups outside of Silicon Valley? About the opportunities in new ventures outside of the United States?, I have been foc

How Black & Decker Questioned Success and Discovered a New Market

Like most industrial concerns at the time, Black & Decker became an integral part of the United States’ war effort during World War II, prod

Can Healthcare Catch up in a World of Digital Payments?

Healthcare reform has delivered new potential benefits for patients. However, it has also forced hospitals to tighten their operations or face big los

The 11 Commandments of Conversion for Online Stores

Effective user engagement is the Holy Grail for e-commerce, but how do you measure it? A generally accepted view is that user engagement can be summed

The Truth About Edward Snowden and the NSA

Behind the walls of Fort Meade, powerful technologies lurk – technology awesome in its power but which can become terrifying if turned against y

More Messages, More Problems: How Businesses Can Send Fewer, Better Messages

More Messages, More Problems: How Businesses Can Send Fewer, Better Messages

IDEA IN BRIEF 1) Consumers suffer from message overload — and a lot of the messages we get are annoying and irrelevant. 2) This is not just a pr