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Open Source: The Thinking Man’s Venture Capital?

Can you make money while giving away a significant part of your company’s intellectual property? Well, there is Red Hat with its much vaunted billio

What Not To Look For In A Venture Capitalist – Advice from a Series B Startup In April, the team at Tango Card closed and announced a $4.1M Series B financing. We considered our round a success for a number of

Mastering Mobile: Mobile Devices and the Future of Events Chances are, at this moment, your phone is in your pocket, hand, or sitting on your desk close by.   As our everyday dependence

Food, the Internet, & the Paradox of Choice

  As the Internet has evolved at a rapid rate over the last twenty years, we have truly become a connected, online world. Today there are an abun

Today’s Reward: Win $25 in Bitcoin!

Read about Bitcoin and the nuances of Capitol Hill for your chance to win $25 in Bitcoin from Elizabeth Ploshay.

From Capitol Hill Into the World of Bitcoin: A Special Report

  Since my transition from Capitol Hill into the Bitcoin community, my eyes have been opened to the immense potential of this digital, decentrali

Robotic Butler Becomes Reality: Meet HERB

We all know of Rosey the Robot Maid from the Jetsons; the outspoken robotic housekeeper with the frilly apron who rolls around on caster wheels. The

3 Reasons Why Cloud Development Environments Will Save Your Business Money

The benefits of cloud development are endless. Compared to the desktop IDE, cloud computing continues to lead the way in increasing productivity, impr

Google Buys Waze For Estimated $1.3 Billion

Google announced on the company blog they have officially acquired Waze, a mobile navigation app. They declined to state the exact amount, but accordi