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Bootstrapping: 3 Ways to Keep Your Feet Out of the Mud

When you read about a young CEO selling his start-up company for millions, entrepreneurship seems so glamorous. What people don’t know is that being

Beginning a Startup in the Unknown

Have you ever been hanging out with a friend, talking about things, when suddenly an exciting idea pops up in the conversation?   It can be a bus

The Best Accounting Systems for Startups

Most of us understand how points are scored in football. Six points are earned when the ball is brought safely into the end zone, three points are ear

The Evolution of BYOD

It seems to be everywhere. Even if you aren’t aware of its meaning, the chances are good that you are at least familiar with the acronym: BYOD.

The Growing Silicon Prairie.

I’m a Jersey boy who spent both college and the bulk of my career in New York City, yet I’m writing this post from my office in downtown Lincoln,

5 Hard Lessons I Learned Early on as an Entrepreneur Popular

I co-founded Scholarix e-Learning Solutions over 3 years ago, and it has undoubtedly been the single most challenging and rewarding experience of my l

The Importance of Having Your Own Workspace

London, like San Francisco and New York, is a great place to start a company. Not only is it a financial and commercial epicenter, but it provides a l

Launching a Sustainable Business

Launching a new business? Make environmental thoughtfulness part of your mission from day 1.   As many of you already know, developing a truly su

Why All Companies Need to be More Design-Driven

We see companies becoming more dependent on creative thinking and problem solving to survive. The challenge with traditional business structures is th