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Why Publishers Need Startups

There’s been a lot of commentary recently on the proper relationship between publishing startups and publishers.   No doubt, you know the names

Anatomy of a Competitive Analysis

While a competitive analysis should be a core part of a business plan for any organization — big or small — it holds a particular significance to

Businesses Should Adapt a Symbiotic Strategy

Symbiosis is a biological concept that is defined as a mutually beneficial partnership between two organisms. The process has allowed countless organi

Auto Lending is the New Payday Lending

One of the biggest financial service disruptions in recent memory has been the inspiring transformation of the payday lending industry.   A new b

Call Centers can Offer Quality Customer Service

A Simple Hello   When was the last time you called a large company and had the phone answered by a real live person? A simple “Hello”

Intellectual Property Deals Need a “Wingman”

Envision a world where workplace technology can serve as your “wingman.” What’s a workplace wingman you ask? It’s a super cool, digital assist

Shock Your Customers

I started all my businesses after discovering real problems and finding a way to solve them. But just solving problems is often not enough anymore. Yo

9 Things to Learn From Elon Musk Popular

Recent news reports reveal that serial entrepreneur, Elon Musk, is aiming to develop supersonic electric airplanes that can take off and land vertical

The Financial Benefits of BYOD

While the “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) trend has come under criticism for exposing enterprise data to security breaches, the trend can b