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Standing Out in the Age of Innovation: 3 Keys To Unlocking Smart Innovation

Innovation is a word tightly knit into the language of success. Tech sites run highly anticipated round-ups of the year’s most innovative businesses

Server Configuration Can Protect against Fast-Growing CHARGEN Attacks

Hundreds of thousands of Internet servers sit at risk of being used in a fast-growing technique to reflect and amplify distributed denial of service (

How to use Google Trends for Business Purposes

Suppose that you have an idea and you want to start up your own business. One of the main problems that every entrepreneur faces at this stage is how

Why Humor at Work Can Boost Productivity, Sales & Morale

Laughter with work colleagues can be not only enjoyable, but healthy as well. So why don’t we have more laughter in the workplace?   Chalk

Venture Capital: How to Make the Most out of Rejection Letters

Being declined by venture capitalists occurs much more frequently in the lives of entrepreneurs than agreements on deals. I routinely spend 20-30 minu

When to Engage With a Contract Manufacturer

Down the street from the Lab IX offices, there’s a great store that sells practically everything you could need to build electronic prototypes and m

Best Decision-Making Practices for the Business Owner

Paying employees twice as much as the standard rate may seem like a crazy decision, but that’s what Henry Ford did when he was starting up his e

The New Driver of Healthtech Growth

I am not a doctor, nor I do not play one on TV. However, even I can recognize that heathcare technology is a sector set for massive growth and poised

Green Tech: Paperless Receipts & Restaurants

Among the trends of today’s growing restaurants is a commitment to operating as a green establishment in as many ways as possible, from serving only