Cable vs Wireless: Telecommunication Standoff

Cable vs Wireless: Telecommunication Standoff

Cable vs Wireless: Telecommunication Standoff

Telecommunications is the future; it enables millions of people to connect all over the world within seconds. It also offers development, improvement, and relatively inexpensive availability. People are looking out for what is better, what can offer me them the most, and what can offer them the future. Cable vs wireless, here are the pros and cons of each:

The pros of cable:

  • A quick and ready connection, as it doesn’t require a phone line or dialing up.
  • Allows you to transfer the likes of photos, videos, and music at a greater speed.
  • Cables and hubs are pretty inexpensive as long as a router is not required.
  • They are fairly reliable, with the most common problem being loose cables.
  • Supports data sucking activities such as online gaming.


The cons of cable:

  • Highly depends on how many people are also connected in the area at the same time; this can significantly lower speed.
  • Quitting cable and watching Internet TV can be tricky.
  • Cable TV can incur in high monthly costs.
  • They can pile up and end up looking rather messy and difficult to keep tidy and neat.


The pros of wireless:

  • Enables communication whilst on the go.
  • No need to be dedicated to a specific computer.
  • Arguably easier and cheaper to install.
  • Constantly developing with offers of new services.


The cons of wireless:

  • Somewhat less reliable than cables, with interference from appliances like microwaves.
  • Performance is limited to distance.
  • Airborne signals can easily be intercepted.
  • Wireless transmission can be slower.


There is no right or wrong answer; it all comes down to preference. If the lack of mobility doesn’t bother you and you are after something more cost effective, then cable would be the way to go. If on the other hand, you like to be at the forefront of developing technology and are constantly on the go, then wireless would be the option to choose.


Akash Valand


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