Chevron is Worse than The NSA & 7 Other Things You Missed Today

Chevron is Worse than The NSA & 7 Other Things You Missed Today


  1. 1 Day Before BlackHat Conference, Hacker Barnaby Jack Dies

Barnaby Jack, who is best known for “jackpotting” an ATM machine at the 2010 Black Hat Conference, has suddenly passed away.

Jack was a security professional (and quasi-entertainer) who received standing ovations at conferences for his ability to hack tiny computers embedded in medical devices and banking machines.

Although his demonstration with ATMs, as in – he forced them to spit out cash, is what he is most known for, his hack on medical devices may have the most widespread impact. Jack was due to present a techniques for imploding heart implants, claiming an ability to kill a man 30 feet away.


 2. 500Startups Later: Here is what Dave McClure has learned

Lesson 1: “It often takes six to 18 months to figure it out” – also stating your first impressions are rarely correct

Lesson 2: On Investing Overseas: ““If you invest in one company in a country, the whole country feels like they won the lottery.””

Lesson 3: Remember the Happy Hour saying ‘It’s 5 O’Clock somewhere?’ Here’s Dave’s version startup version: “The sun never sets on 500 Startups these days. We have tough times during our own team meetings, because it’s always 3 A.M. somewhere.

Lesson 4: On Silicon Valley: “Founders always want to come to Silicon Valley, because they’ve heard it’s a magical place. But once they arrive, their perception sometimes changes.”

Lesson 5: On VCs: ““A lot of VCs like to think they know exactly what’s going to work, like, ‘Oh, I remember when they were so awesome and I was so awesome picking them.’ But the more we do it, the more we realize that we’re wrong a lot.”


3. The Biggest Smartphone News Isn’t Apple or Samsung

Despite Apple blowing past analyst predictions with 31.2 million iPhone sales in Q2, they aren’t the biggest smartphone news. Neither is Samsung, who sold more than double what Apple did, with 72.4 million.

So, who is the biggest news? LG and Lenovo, according to research firm IDC.

Both manufacturers’ shipments grew by over 100% over the last 12 months, leaving each with roughly 5% of the market.

 4. Chevron is Worse than the NSA:

In a “Chilling” hearing, Chevron has been granted access to activists’ emails and private data. A federal judge ruled to allow Chevron, through a subpoena to Microsoft, to collect the IP usage records and identity information for email accounts owned by over 100 environmental activists, journalists and attorneys.

The “sweeping” subpoena was one of three issued to Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft.

Here’s a full report from the Ecuadorian Amazon Watch:

In their statement about the ruling, ERI notes that the argument given by presiding US District Court Judge Lewis Kaplan – who was previously accused of prejudice against the Ecuadorians and their lawyers – was as “breathtaking as the subpoena itself.” They continue:

According to Judge Kaplan, none of the account holders could benefit from First Amendment protections since the account holders had “not shown that they were U.S. citizens.”

Now, let’s break this down. The account-holders in this case were proceeding anonymously, which the First Amendment permits. Because of this, Judge Kaplan was provided with no information about the account holders’ residency or places of birth. It is somewhat amazing then, that Judge Kaplan assumed that the account holders were not US citizens. As far as I know, a judge has never before made this assumption when presented with a First Amendment claim. We have to ask then: on what basis did Judge Kaplan reach out and make this assumption?

 5. Amazon Meets Kickstarter – A New Method for Indie Authors and Musicians:

A hot new startup is allowing indie artists to sell their files directly from Dropbox or Google Drive using PayPal. This will, of course, require your own fan base. But, it’s a move in the right direction for those who want a more private method than Kickstarter.

Although, on a side note, 5% seems prohibitively high for what they offer.

Here’s the cool new startup:

 6. What Happens in Vegas ….


Zynga has made a lackluster announcement – they’ve folded their hand at getting a license for real-money gambling in the U.S. With plummeting shares, Zynga has decided to stick with it’s core strengths … Vegas can now breathe a sigh of relief


7. FunFact: UK Prepares to Censor Porn … And, TorrentFreak, too?!

Despite Prime Minister, David Cameron’s commendable concern to protect UK’s children by restricting access to porn, it appears he is also taking TorrentFreak down with these XXX sites.

Here’s a list of what users will have to manually unblock to require access:



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