Cool Creative Technology For Gardeners

Cool Creative Technology For Gardeners

Cool Creative Technology For Gardeners

You never think of the garden as being the centre of a tech revolution. However, it’s just that and there are a number of great, creative technologies being showcased for the space – take a look at some of the coolest technology for gardeners below.

My Garden Containers

If you care about the aesthetics of your garden, you should definitely check out My Garden Containers.

This is an app designed to provide you the best “plant recipes”, namely combinations of plants that complement each other and grow very well together. After putting together your container combination, My Garden Containers is going to provide you the next steps you need to take in order to bring your idea to life. You’re going to see what you need to do, how to plant, how to water and how to fertilize your container gardens.

Smart Herb Garden

This garden is the best choice for beginners or for those who have very limited space. Based on a NASA-inspired idea, it enables you grow three herbs and spices together, at the same time. Thanks to the special formulation of the soil, this garden is free from GMOs, plant hormones, pesticides and other harsh chemicals that might alter the quality of your herbs.

Plant Link

Plant Link is a smart sensor that needs to be inserted into the soil. Its role is to transmit data to your smartphone. This data includes the soil moisture and other useful parameters that can help you cater to your plants.

Edyn РCool Technology for Gardeners

Edyn is another device you have to stick into the ground, with the purpose of collecting useful information about the soil. Based on this data, the device recommends you the plats to grow, given the specific conditions. This is great, because it provides you precise information than can maximize your results. Besides, thanks to its optional water valve, Edyn can control your sprinklers based on data collected from your garden.


A lot of gardeners who want to get connected are using technology such as Flic to do so. This little button is controlled by your smartphone and can be used to turn on and off switches for lights, music and even larger items such as outdoor wall fountains or pond pumps.  Simply attach it to the on and off switch and the button will push outwards to turn on and off the item of choice.


If you already have a sprinkler system installed, you may be interested in purchasing Greenbox. It is way smarter than your current controller, as it enables you control your watering schedule from your smartphone or computer. Besides, it connects to the internet for tracking the weather forecasts, thus being able to tell you exactly when to activate the sprinklers and when not. This is one of the smartest garden tools one could find on the market.

Flymo R

Most people hate mowing their lawn. This is why developers have designed innovative robot mowing systems and technologies to help gardeners deal with this chore.

Flymo is the mower specialist that has developed the 1200R robotic mower. This device can work on inclines of up to 25%, being perfect for lawn areas up to 400 square meters. The robot is very easy to program, thanks to its user-friendly display. Besides, as soon as its batteries get low, the device automatically returns to its base for a recharge. Being extremely silent, you can safely program it to mow your lawn at night. Your neighbors won’t even know it, so you don’t risk to upset any of them. You’ll never have to worry about mowing your lawn by yourself ever again.

The 1200R features collision sensors and boundary wires that enable it avoid obstacles. Moreover, it has the ability to shut itself down when lifted, thus being as safe as possible.

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