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Elaborate Website Migration

The vast majority of website building technologies grant online users with the exclusive ability to shoot higher and amaze site visitors with the arti

You’ve Landed the Software Developer Job of Your Dreams – Now What?

So you’re a young software developer, and you’ve just landed a great job. You love the company culture, and it’s got all the perks y

6 Monitoring Capabilities Ops Needs to Consider in Virtualized and Cloud Environments

Application Performance Management (APM) have existed in their modern form since 1996, when Wily founded the business of monitoring custom developed J

Disruptive Hiring: Empowering Developers to Move Beyond the Job Description

The phrase, “we hire really talented people,” is the same line given by any software company these days who is serious about producing great softw

How I Built Scaleable Web Apps on the M.E.A.N. Stack

How I Built Scaleable Web Apps on the M.E.A.N. Stack

“M.E.A.N.” is one of the coolest stacks to develop on . In my opinion, M.E.A.N captures the essence of modern day web development. It neatly tie

Ruby on Rails and Beyond: Scaling a Company

  If you’ve spent time at a start-up, you know life moves pretty fast and technology moves even faster. Over the last several years, my experie

Faster Horses – Henry Ford and Customer Development

Henry (“Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black”) Ford was not an advocate of customer developm

Lessons From Amazon: The Modern Enterprise

  Amazon Enterprise Lessons   The Enterprises we admire are those that stand the test of time; those who do great things with leadership and

Why Your App Should be Open Source – by Peer.FM

Many organizations have banned the use of GPL software in their codebases; here’s why I chose the opposite approach. Software Quality Releasing your