Top 5 Apps in the Appstore

Top 5 Apps in the Appstore


It’s been little more than five years since the App Store first came out with Apple’s iPhone 3G back in 2009, and today we can see that there are more than 800,000 apps available in the Apple library.


However, among these 800,000 applications, there seem to be many creations that are about as useful as the Light Saber App.  Fortunately, there is also a large selection of applications that are the stark antithesis of the former, which are some of the coolest, and most useful apps we have ever seen. Here are some of our favorites.


1. Rithm


Rithm is like Snapchat, but really upgraded.  With the ability of users to send videos, pictures, and dancing animations all looped together with a soundtrack,  Rithm has created a space for a new type of messaging; Music Messaging.  After teaming up with top music applications, such as Spotify, iTunes, Rdio, and SoundCloud, Rithm makes it easy for users to clearly share experiences via songs.


2. Find. Eat. Drink.


Find. Eat. Drink. is one of millions of eatery apps, and yet, it seems to stay at the top like the ice cream in a root beer float.  Unlike other restaurant apps, which seem to be dominated by angry and biased customers, Find. Eat. Drink is run by some of the top culinary professionals who work together to recommend the best eateries near you.


 3. Montaj


Montaj is a video-editing app made for those who are weary of iMovie, and MovieMaker.  With Montaj, video editing is as simple as shaking a wrist .  With its social media, Montaj also allows you to capture your best moments with family and friends in feature-length movies.


 4. Mixlr


If you have ever wanted to host your own radio show but had trouble creating a podcast, and would rather avoid the hassles faced by real DJs, then Mixlr is the app for you.  Using SoundCloud, Mixlr allows users to stream their own broadcasts and musical mixes to live audiences.  After completing your broadcast, you can save it, and/or publish it to SoundCloud, MixCloud, and DropBox among other services.


5. Chihuly Glass Blowing


This app is one of the greatest for passing time.  The Chihuly Glass Blowing app allows users to mimic the artistic style of Seattle’s glass artist, Dave Chihuly.  Users select a template, and then blow into the microphones of their iPhones to blow into a virtual glass sculpture.  They can then use their fingers to mold this ‘hot glass’ into their preferable design, all while adding colors, and textures, without the inherent danger involved with real glass blowing.

Anya Sharma


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