The Smart Mattress is the #1 Must-Have Smart Home Addition

The Smart Mattress is the #1 Must-Have Smart Home Addition

The Smart Mattress is the #1 Must-Have Smart Home Addition

We spend most of our time in the home sleeping. Annually, the numbers add up to almost 2,920 hours of nocturnal rest. Which is why if you’re looking to enter the smart home market, a smart mattress may be the most practical way to experiment with sensors and trackers.

On the most basic level, a smart mattress should help you control temperature and provide insights into a better night sleep. The goal, however, should be luxury. Which is why CitizenTekk was impressed with the capabilities of EightSleep when comparing this mattress to others on the market.


Top 5 Features of the Smart Mattress Offered by “EightSleep”

1. Dual Zone Temperature

Dual-zone temperature has been a mainstay in vehicles for a few years now. Once seen as a luxury feature, it is now included in basic automobile models. The selling point is that rather than fight like cats and dogs over a shared space, each person can set their own desired temperature and be comfortable during long hours in the vehicle. Apply this same logic to another commonly shared space: the bed. When spending 8 hours per day together on the same mattress, this feature is bound to be used daily – and may help to keep the peace in the home.

2. Ditch the Wearables

Up until now, wearables were required to monitor sleep quality. Meanwhile, wearables are not comfortable to wear while you sleep. Eight’s mattress tracks breathing rate and body movements while you sleep and syncs with the mobile app to record the data. The app includes recommendations on how to improve sleep quality and even comes with a white noise machine if you are experiencing insomnia. Sleep Debt, Hours Slept, and Sleep score are part of the analytics offered.

3. Customize the Mattress with IFFTT, Alexa and Nest integrations

For the tech savvy consumer, Eight’s mattress offers customizations such as brewing coffee when the alarm goes off or asking Alexa to tell Nest to warm the mattress. Over time, the mattress becomes fully automated. The lights, temperature and curtains will know how to operate for a night of uninterrupted sleep. When you wake up, the experience will happen in the reverse – this time adding in the coffee.

4. The Price

One of the most challenging parts about new consumer technology is the entry price tends to be higher than the traditional alternatives. Here at CitizenTekk, we are big fans of new technology that is priced for regular people on regular budgets. The Eight mattress is priced at $950.00 – close to the average price of a new mattress – while delivering quite a few new features.

5. Eight is Data-Driven and Tested on Over 10,000 People

Eight’s first product was the Sleep Tracker, which is the technology layer that tracks sleep, warms the bed and connects to other smart home devices. The tracker was released before the mattress and has captured over 1.8 million hours of sleep data from 12,000 people across 67 countries. The mattress uses machine learning to build patterns on sleep behavior with suggestions that are based off a large amount of data.

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