Finding A Job In Cyber Security

Finding A Job In Cyber Security

Finding A Job In Cyber Security

Many career advisers are not very well educated on the issue of cyber security, and even less so on how to find a job in this field.


  1. The first step in figuring out if you would fit in well in cyber security is to check out the website Secure Futures. There you can try out games with a mission goal of saving the globe from terrorist plots as well as rescuing a town from internet hackers.


  1. Educate yourself on different available jobs in cyber security such as Computer Forensics Investigators, Pen Testers, and Information Security Analysts. You can also find advice on these careers on the BigAmbition and Cyber Security Challenge websites. Employers require more than just people who are good with computers. They are looking for people who are good at solving problems, communication, and thinking on their feet.


  1. Join a competitive Cyber Security Challenge. These competitions are not only fun, they are also a way to meet more people in that field and exercise your skills. Sometimes people who do well in these competitions find themselves with a job offer afterward.


  1. Do you already know that a cyber security career is what you want? Now it is time to decide how you can achieve it. You could obtain your degree in a discipline related to IT, such as IT Business Management or Software Development. Both of these degrees are valued by the biggest employers, and you can complete your degree at many different universities and as you can see from Capita IT resourcing there are plenty of jobs.


  1. Are you already at a university? Consider applying for a summer internship in the field of cyber security using e-skills UK. If you will be graduating soon after taking courses in IT, you might think of going for a Masters Degree in a specialised field such as Information Security. They are offered at Royal Holloway, University of Lancaster, and University of London.


  1. If you don’t think going to a university is right for you, apply for an apprenticeship in cyber security. You can find an apprenticeship with companies such as Capgemini and BT using a National Apprenticeship Service, and you will be taught the skills you need in the workplace while you earn your qualification as well as money.


  1. You can also transfer into cyber security by starting in a more general IT job, as you can start specialising in the field on the job.


  1. Check out posts on some of the top industry blogs to get an idea of what’s going on. These posts by Capita IT resourcing are a good start.


  1. Join IISP’s network as one of their affiliates. The cost is just £20 if you are a student and it lets you access a lecture series where you can hear from actual experts in cyber security, along with a job listing board and regular newsletters.

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