Five Technologies To Help You Relax

Five Technologies To Help You Relax

Five Technologies To Help You Relax

Want to increase your chances for relaxation? Well, these technologies can do just that and are a great addition to any person’s home – take a look.





If meditation is already a part of your daily routine, then with the help of Muse, you can really get the most out of each practice session. This brain sensing headband is basically the same as a FitBit, however it works on the brain, it reports to your smartphone what is going on in your head with the use of EEG sensors.



What this means is that you are literally able to observe as you become more relaxed. The Android and iPhone app from the company helps guide you through your meditations and provides feedback on how your meditation is going in real time, it also offers coaching tips on ways in which you can improve.


Soothing Walls


Do you know the best way to relax in your home, have a better quality of air and also a natural dehumidifier? Well, if so you should consider large outdoor fountains as a solution. Fountains and the movement of water do all of the above and can also make a great viewing point in your home.


The natural sounds of running water can help people to chill out in times of stress and even make a great background noise for mediation. Water also alters ions in the air ensuring your quality of air is fresh and cleaner. Worth considering if you ask us.






Now what Muse does is monitor what is being done by the brain, Thync however is actually able to influence it. You attach this miniscule device to your forehead, it sends signals to the nerves located in your neck and head to trigger the adrenaline system in your brain. The end result is that you are able to activate a sense of calm in your when in a situation that requires relaxation, this is done naturally.



If what you need is a pick me up with a natural boost of energy, that too is possible. Although it may seem a bit unnerving to be giving your nerves a jolt, the technology itself is based of of research that has been going on for decades, the more you use it, the more its effects grow.



Gear VR + Mind Fitness



When it comes to escaping the world around us, virtual reality can be a powerful tool — it is designed to literally make you feel as of you are somewhere else. There are quite a few VR apps on the market that are specifically designed for mediation purposes. Mind Fitness is one of the more recent ones to arrive on the Mind Fitness scene, with the use of Luca Bosurgi´s Bosurgi Method, it takes you through a number of guided meditations.



If using it often is on your agenda, it is recommended that you invest in a quality VR headset, for example a Samsung Gear VR. That being said, you can use any VR headset you may already have with the app, even a model that is made of cardboard and inexpensive.



Spire One



Determining what is bringing on the issues is one of the first steps on being able to manage your levels of stress and anxiety. A tiny gadget called Spire is designed at Stanford University by the Calming Technologies Lab — throughout the day it will monitor your breathing patterns and let you know when it notices you becoming stressed.



When you actually begin freaking out, the accompanying add allos provided guided meditation that can help you become relaxed and return to normal before things escalate. On top of that, you can also use this tiny gadget as a step counter much like FitBit, so it is also providing you with a fitness tracker.

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