Five Top Locations To Install Your Home Security Cameras

Five Top Locations To Install Your Home Security Cameras

Five Top Locations To Install Your Home Security Cameras

With the rise of apps, security cameras have really improved and thanks to the new tech we can have a lot more control in caring for our home.

Here are some great tips from top security company to ensure you have the right cameras for your home.

Here are five locations in which a home surveillance camera should always be installed:

  1. Front Door

The front door is the entryway for an estimated thirty four percent of all burglars who enter a home, this is why having one of your surveillance cameras placed here is a definite must. To avoid your camera from being knocked out by a thief, it can be placed at a second-floor level, it could even be on one of the eaves of your home, it should be aimed at your front door. If your home is a single level home, you could consider using mesh wiring to enclose the front door camera to protect it from errant sticks, rocks or any other sort of weapon.

Tip From The Experts: A high-tech peephole can be installed so you are able to see who is knocking prior to opening the door. When it comes to high quality peephole security cameras, the number one manufacturer currently on the market for them is Brinno.

  1. Back Door

When it comes to the back door, twenty two percent of burglars prefer that entrance way so a camera is needed there as well, for the sake of statistics, if you have side doors, they to should count as a back door. Once again, do your best to make sure that the camera is out of human reach or find a way to protect it from projectiles such as sticks or rocks or anything else that could be hurled at it by an intruder.

Tip From The Experts: Make sure that the camera you install is not only waterproof, but also equipped with night vision.

  1. Off-Street Windows

By breaking a rear window, many burglars are able to enter a home. When they choose a window that can not be seen directly from the street, they buy themselves some privacy to carry out their dirty deed and the lower their risk of being caught. Be a step ahead of them and aim a camera on any of your homes areas that have windows which are not seen from the street.

Tip From The Experts: In this situation, a wireless security camera with remote control capabilities is your best option. These are able to be operated from a tablet or a mobile device. The highest rated camera in this category currently on the market is made by Uniden.

  1. Side Gate or Backyard

A good backyard is a crooks favorite being as they are often packed full of lawn and garden equipment that is expensive as well as recreational equipment and the kids toys. Make sure taht your garden is armed with night vision surveillance cameras and floodlights to protect your home as well as your belongings. If you have a fenced in backyard, make sure that the entrance gate can be viewed by the camera, if not install a second camera that is aimed at it.

Tips From The Experts: The camera should be placed in plain site. Many times, the simple sight of a camera is enough to make the burglar move on to another location. When it comes to value, the most affordable yet highest rated security system for backyards is from ZMODO.

  1. Basement Stairs

There are many basements with access doors or hatches, they may at least have a small window which is large enough for a burglar to crawls through. On the stairs that lead up, you should place a camera so that any wayward burglars who have snuck into your home through this subterranean route, will be caught on tape.

Tip From The Experts: When it comes to your basements security, a motion sensor camera is the best choice to install, make sure that it comes with night vision. There are many motion sensitive cameras offered by security providers that include infrared night vision, however not many live up to the security line of cameras offered by TENVIS.

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