Four Things You Must Know About Your School Bus Routing Software

Four Things You Must Know About Your School Bus Routing Software

Four Things You Must Know About Your School Bus Routing Software

Bus routing software is changing the way bus companies do their school runs and is having a notable impact on their efficiency levels and bottom line. So, here are four things you need to know about it.

Maps Must Be Correct And Up To Date

Many of the software packages that are on the market that make use of maps force the user to wait until the manufacturer updates the software. This is one of the key problems that so many GPS owners face on a daily basis. However, Transfinder makes it very easy for you to alter and change the map locations and takes a lot of the issues out of routing buses.

Run Reports On A Regular Basis

There are many individuals who do not understand just how powerful the report functionality is. The software features 100 pre-defined reports as well as the ability to create any type of report that is going to specifically meet the needs of your system. In addition, there is the ability to export data which is going to allow you to manage all of your data in unprecedented ways.

You will have the ability to track the performance of individual buses over the course of months and years, which will allow you to be on the watch for various mechanical issues and fix them before they become a problem.

  • There is the ability to print out school calendars and postcards with mailing labels and send them out to parents.
  • One can generate legacy numbers on the amount of riders for audits and to ensure that your system will get the maximum reimbursement from your state for any expenses.
  • Finally, you will have the ability to create color-coded maps for specific routes or districts.
  • Once you get the hang of all of these features, you will find yourself in the position of being one of the most popular members of the school!

Drivers Receive Incredible Feedback

All of the data that you are going to be collecting is going to be put into practical use. If the buses in your system have GPS units, you are going to be able to observe a multitude of the driver’s habits from how often they brake to how well they follow the rules of the road. All of this data can be graphed and allow them to see their driving performance and get the feedback they need to be better and safer.

It makes sense as your drivers are one of the most important aspects of the equation. When you consider that the amount of braking influences the amount of daily gasoline and general wear and tear. When drivers are more aware of what they are doing it is going to help the lower the bottom line in the long run.

New Routes Are Essential

Considering it is so easy to create new routes with our software, it is essential to keep tweaking the system. This allows you to make an endless amount of “what-if” routes, all with different goals. For example, there can be those shortest time on road routes as well as shortest distance routes, that will allow for you to optimize your numbers.

Our software will even allow you to plan for the future by creating hypothetical routes for schools that are to be opened in the future or even redistricting. It is the best way to ensure that you are always prepared for what may happen with routes in the future.


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