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Cultivating the Next Generation of Technical Talent

Regardless of whether you are in Silicon Valley, the booming tech corridors of New York City, or in Bangalore, global technology companies are singing

10 Must Have Apps for the Traveling Entrepreneur

You’ve been groped by TSA, crammed into a tiny seat on a plane, and have a few hours to kill before you reach your destination. Now, it’s time to

The Future of Gamification in Television

Television as we know it is coming to an end.   Just as iTunes revolutionized the way people purchase and listen to music, the second screen is t

The Best Security Defense is a Good Open Source Offense

The hackers who compromised Adobe’s network knew, when they hacked into the system, that the most valuable prize would be the one that was the most

The Most Incredible Addition to Power up Your Inbox: Multi-Account Support

It’s now 8 months since the Mailbird beta launch and, already, thousands of new users join the beta program every week, predominantly coming from th

Limitations of Securing Email With PGP

PGP, (pretty good privacy) technology has been used to secure email communications since the early ‘90s.  Available both as freeware and commercial

Four Questions (Answered!) About the Yahoo and Dropbox Partnership

Will cloud storage be tech’s next bubble? Dropbox, a cloud storage company, is seeking to raise $250 million in new funding, which would value the c

CAPTCHA is Dead, Long Live…

Even before news that the startup Vicarious has found a way to crack CAPTCHA at least 90% of the time, CAPTCHA was broken. Not only that, it is a tedi

Penetrating Google’s Kevlar Vest

I use a number of online Web search systems. Most people CONSIDER Google the go-to system. Google automatically personalizes results. Google predicts