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Anatomy of a Startup Pitch

You can find some great pitches on the internet, but what I wanted to know is how those pitches evolved to become what they are. Since I couldn’t fi

Top Startup and Tech News Today: 7 Things You Missed Today

1. Dell completes deal to go private   Dell, the computer giant, announced Tuesday that is has completed a deal to go private. This $24.9 billion

Does Technology Create Behaviour or Does Behaviour Create Technology?

The relationship we have with technology is symbiotic. If you have ever been deprived of your smartphone for 24 hours or lost signal on your GPS in th

Using Design Concepts to Redefine a Market

When Apple first released the iPod, it seemed like everyone had to have one. Not only was it a new product, but it was a new take on portable music pl

Follow the Light: 6 Call to Action Design Tips

A marketer’s entire email campaign or product page is centered around the action they want recipients or visitors to take. Calls to action (CTAs) ar

Will Upcoming Ubuntu Phone Disrupt Mobile OS Landscape?

Ubuntu has, since its release as a free, open source software, been labeled as the world’s most popular free operating system. Scheduled to launch i

Why Redis is a Great Tool For New Applications and Startups

While it has been proven time and time again that open source databases and technology are ideal for startups and application developers due, in large

Why People Data Directs Big Data

Big Data cannot provide a competitive advantage until people across the enterprise connect and collaborate to transform data into profit boosting insi

Building a Startup Marketing Department… No Humans Need Apply

If you’re like most startup founders I know, you probably wish you could somehow market your product 24/7… while working on your other equally imp