The Gadget Lover’s Amazon

The Gadget Lover’s Amazon

Love can be crazy, and when it is for gadgets, it couldn’t be crazier! “The Gadget Flow” understands your immense attraction for gadgets and that is why it has come up as an online platform to keep you updated with the coolest gadgets on the web.


Founded in 2012 by Cloudie Co. The Gadget Flow is the ultimate buyer’s guide for gadgets. Its goal is to enhance everyone’s online shopping experience by discovering and showcasing the coolest gadgets available on the web in one location.


Included in The Gadget Flow is the wish list option. The feature allows you to keep track of your favorite gadgets by creating a private wish list for future reference. The team behind the scenes is constantly optimizing and enhancing the UI of the website and app in order to convert simple website visits or app downloads into unique and engaging experiences.


The initial idea came to us in August 2012. We were struggling to find some cool gift ideas and realized that we weren’t the only ones. Within 2 days we managed to launch the first version of The Gadget Flow and more than 5,000 people visited our website within 24 hours; clearly it was a sign that people loved the concept.


We are obsessed with great design and quality content. That’s one of the reasons why Gadget Flow became successful in the first place. Each gadget we publish goes through quality control and has to be approved by at least four to five people in order to get showcased. By following this strategy, we’ve managed to have a collection of more than 2,500 handpicked gadgets.


We’ve helped entrepreneurs and innovators turn brilliant ideas into real gadgets and are proud of that. We are dedicated in finding you the coolest gadgets of the web and in making your life easier. That’s our goal, that’s our passion, and 14M visitors per year prove that we are doing it right.

Evan Varsamis


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