Getting Technical About Cars – The Future

Getting Technical About Cars – The Future

Getting Technical About Cars – The Future

Cars have always been at the fore of technology and nothing has changed. There are a number of great changes on the horizon and these are among the most notable.

Automatic Cars

Let’s take care of this one first. I want you to notice that I’m not talking about a car that is completely automated. This is because it will be a minimum of 5 years before a car can do everything necessary to drive itself without a human at the controls. There may be some cars that can be considered automated by 2020 but only under certain conditions. Those conditions would include being on a wide open road with very little to do, along with perfect weather. Keep in mind that cruise control was not perfect at first either.

Override Systems for the Driver

This is similar to autonomous tech but there are some differences. Primarily it is because the car will ignore your commands and drive according to it’s own choices. Cars that stop on their own if you don’t apply the brakes already exist. By the year 2020, however, cars will put on the brakes, even if the gas pedal is to the floor. Due to the increased technology available on the car, it will have the final say over what happens, not you.

Vehicle Access with Biometrics

In recent years, automobile manufacturers have made the switch to a keyless entry. The vehicles of today are also starting without a key. This technology will soon take the next, logical step. Soon, you will be able to access and start the car with biometric technology. More than likely, it will be your fingerprint but retina scanners are not out of the question. We have already seen this in our smart phones and it isn’t far fetched to think it is moving over to our automobiles as well.

Monitoring Your Health

Another idea that is being tested (and has been previewed) by Ford is technology that monitors your vital statistics. It could be your steering wheel or the seat belt that track your vitals through sensors. Wireless technology allows these wearable devices to pair with your smart phone or other smart device. When this technology is paired with automatic tech, you end up with a car that will pull itself over and call 911 when you are sick. According to Money Expert, this may also have an impact on car insurance costs.

Active Windshield

The use of Head-Up Display technology was possible 2 decades ago but at that time, it was nothing more than some green digits showing up on the windshield. It is still being used today in some situations but the technology will be off the charts by 2020. At that time, the windshield will be able to sense what you are seeing and turn down the high beams when a vehicle is approaching. It will also be able to project full images on the windshield in front of you.

Shutting Down the Vehicle Remotely

OnStar already uses this technology to a certain extent. They are able to manipulate the cars with OnStar enabled and shut them down when they are stolen. This has been to the benefit of police, and to the disappointment of the thief. By 2020, the technology will enter into the social consciousness. This will be the decline of the nightly news ratings.

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