A Guide To Receiving Better Broadband Customer Service

A Guide To Receiving Better Broadband Customer Service

A Guide To Receiving Better Broadband Customer Service

Making a call to your internet or cable company can seem like a living nightmare: The menu options are painfully long, you wait for ages, conversations with the representatives seem more like negotiations and so on. Before you drive yourself up the wall, make use of CUB’s tips to keep those customer service calls as painless as possible.

1. Be Your Own Advocate

Internet or cable happens to be one the industries that actually tend to charge you more the longer you are with them (forget about loyalty!) It seems that the new customers get amazing promotional rates while the current customers find themselves with a rising rate year after year.

However, we have some good news; if you take the time to call customer service you can often secure one of those better deals for yourself. That being said, you do need patience and assertiveness to get there. Don’t get distracted by the representative trying to coax you to take out new services you don’t need, explain your situation, outline your wishes and stay on topic.

2. It’s Time To Take In A Deep Breath

We all know the old saying about catching more flies with honey than with vinegar. Certainly, the call to customer services can feel like the epitome of frustration, but losing your head isn’t going to accomplish anything. Take a few deep breaths and pleasantly explain your needs. A few words of kindness can open a lot of doors.

3. Make The Call At The Right Time

According to one study, calling between 9 am and 11 am can get the quickest response time. It’s not a sure thing, but surely giving it a go during these times won’t do any harm.

4. Prepare In Advance

Make sure you know your own goal before you make the call. Familiarize yourself with the terms, dates, costs, and information related to your current service. In addition, make sure you have your bills, account numbers and other necessary information at the ready. Make sure you know other offers that you can avail of in your area (see point 6) and identify your own usage so that you will know what a service should cost you. Here are some good tips for calling SFR that can be used.

5. Move Up With Calmness

If you don’t seem to be having much success with the representative who took your call, calmly and politely request to speak with the supervisor. The secret here is to be assertive in a calm manner.

You could also think about using social media to highlight your concerns if the call is not successful. Most companies detest bad PR which makes platforms like Twitter and Facebook prove to be a good way to express your issues.

6. Drop In The Fact That You May Go Elsewhere

If you feel like the conversation isn’t going anywhere, mention that you may take your business elsewhere. This often gets you through to a ‘retention team’ who are in a better position to offer you a good deal. You can compare with USave.

7. Get Things Closed

As the call comes to an end be sure to restate the problem and the solution so that no confusion occurs down the line. Be sure to make a note of everything discussed, including the date and time of the call.

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