Health Tech –  Benefits Of Massage Chairs

Health Tech –  Benefits Of Massage Chairs

Health Tech –  Benefits Of Massage Chairs

Massage chairs have been designed to aid you in relaxation, chilled out moments, well-being and improved health.  These chairs perform a variety of massage techniques and set programs that provide holistic benefits.  Smooth gliding strokes at either light or firm pressure that will help you relax as the knots in your muscles are working out and your mind is kept from your troubles.

Traditionally people used human led massage to relax.  However, getting a massage at a spa is not always convenient and many people do not have the time or money for this.  This is why massage chair manufacturers created their electronic substitutes which provide the same health benefits with the convenience of being within your home.

It is important that you know some of the health benefits of massage chairs.  This will ensure that you make an informed decision if you choose to purchase a massage chair for your home.

Massage Chairs Boost Your Energy

When you think about massage chairs, you should consider them a resource for sleep and relaxation. Massage chairs give you energy, which will rejuvenate your mind and increase your productivity at work or school.  This is due to the tired and sore muscles in your body being rolled, stretched and loosened out to give it the relaxation and revitalization that the muscles need. A lot of people find that if they team up a massage chair with the relaxing sound of a water wall – like this from they can really chill. Water walls are doubly beneficial as not only do they create a relaxing sound, but they also clean the air inside the home, helping you feel better and more chilled.

Massage Chairs Reduce Muscle Pain And Tension

There are a lot of massage chairs, such as these from Massage Chair Land, offer many benefits aside from relaxation, because they have been designed to help with many health conditions that you might be suffering from.  One of the common problems these chairs help with, is back pain caused by sitting incorrectly while you are working.  This is a problem that is often felt by office workers who sit in one position for prolonged periods of time.  It is possible that you could feel this pain even if you have an ergonomically designed chair which offers you full back support.

However, when you use a massage chair you will be getting constant massage therapy when you need it.  The massage chair will conform to your spinal cord and target certain stress points and areas that will be fatigued.  A massage chair that offers extensive coverage is ideal for people with back pain and often comes with built-in heat therapy.  This will alleviate the pain that you feel and ease any soreness.

Massage Chairs Increase Your Blood Circulation

When you get a full body massage, the blood flow will be increased and corrected to reach all parts of your body from the skull to the toes.  It is important to have good blood flow because this will remove toxins and harmful substances from your blood, organs and tissue.  It will also help your body absorb nutrients that your muscles need.  Inflammation and an accumulation of fluid in the tissues will also be avoided.  A good massage chair with an air pressure system or vibration will accommodate all of the lower muscles.

Massage therapy is also known to reduce high blood pressure which was proven in a study in 1999 by the Touch Research institute, Nova Southeastern University in Florida and the University of Miami School of Medicine.  The study consisted of 30 adults who had been diagnosed with hypertension and provided 30 minutes of massage therapy in the afternoon or the early evening.  The massages were given twice a week for 5 weeks.

The study results showed that all of the participants had a reduction in their overall stress and anxiety which was the primary cause of their high blood pressure.  The researchers concluded that massage therapy can effectively reduce the symptoms which are associated with hypertension and could reduce the life-threatening complications linked to this such as risk of stroke or heart attack.

Massage Chairs Can Relieve Emotional Stress

Our daily lives will leave us with stress-inducing thoughts that our bodies subconsciously react to.  Stress is the primary cause of cardiovascular diseases and fatigue.  It can also lead to increased feelings of anxiety and could lead to depression.

With a massage chair providing you therapeutic massages, you will be able to let go of these worrying thoughts.  These chairs offer advanced and lifelike features which increase the levels of neurotransmitters which fight off depression and other emotional stress.  It is also proven that these chairs help with headaches and the number of migraines that people suffer from.  You will also have improved sleep and help with other sleep related disorders.

Massage Chairs Help With Posture

It is important that you have good posture because this could cause problems as you age.  It is possible to correct your posture through the use of the correct chair and a high-class massage chair will do this for you.  If you have back pain, you might have poor posture and should give yourself a treat by relaxing the muscles in your back.  A massage will help your stiff muscles and adjust the spinal alignment which is in charge of your posture.  All of this is done while maintaining the equilibrium of the bloodstream.

Massage Chairs Lower Lactic Acid Build Up In The Muscles

All athletes know that increased blood flow to the muscles is important to improve their performance.  When you massage the muscles in the body, the blood flow is increased and lactic acid will be excreted.  This is important because lactic acid is the cause of sore muscles after exercise.  You should use a chair that massages the whole body to get the most out of the massage.

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