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IT Risks of Toolbars

IT Risks of Toolbars

Toolbar add-ons are a type of browser extension that typically provide users with various additional functionalities by adding a bar with several buttons within the browsers, oftentimes along with a search box as well. Toolbars may also have features for altering the user’s homepage, allowing searches of third party sites (e.g. Amazon, eBay, IMDb), and modifying page scripts or the html page display. Although toolbars can provide advantages to the user, IT administrators often do not want toolbars to be installed on the computers in their network; toolbars can introduce various non-monetary costs as well as create risks for enterprise networks.

10 Steps to the Perfect Home Office IT Setup

10 Steps to the Perfect Home Office IT Setup

Below are ten steps to the perfect Home Office IT setup

1. Choose the right hardware

Computer hardware refers to physical elements such as computers, servers, printers and your choice of this has a significant impact on how you work.

Sometimes spending a little more can save you thousands of pounds over time by increasing productivity, but sometimes a cheap and simple solution is the best.  Before purchasing any computer hardware, speak to a trusted expert (or possibly more than one) so you match your needs and budget precisely.

What is Changing in the Enterprise World?

I have argued in my last blog that if there is a single enterprise area that is fast being changed due to consumerization of IT and BYOD — it is the

Benefits of Creating Websites with Bootstrap

Bootstrap has been the developmental love for many a developer of late. You talk about setting up an effective website with the best possible features

Server Configuration Can Protect against Fast-Growing CHARGEN Attacks

Hundreds of thousands of Internet servers sit at risk of being used in a fast-growing technique to reflect and amplify distributed denial of service (

DDoS Attackers New Tactics Amplify Attack Sizes and Hide Identities

Distributed denial of service (DDoS) perpetrators changed tactics in Q3 2013 to boost denial of service attack sizes and hide their identities. By emp

Cloudify Your Business with Google Docs & MS Office Web Apps

If you are the average small to medium sized business (SMB/SME) owner or manager who needs to decide on what type of office document management system

Searching for and Finding Current News by Analyst Stephen E. Arnold

Searching for and Finding Current News by Analyst Stephen E. Arnold

Free online news is everywhere. Headlines are even available on a mobile phone. Tasty apps like Flipboard, Pulse, and Zite deliver a stream of fre

5 Things About Data Leakage

As more and more employees work away from the office – at home and on the go – and collaborate online, sensitive corporate information is