What To Look For In A Portable Ice Maker

What To Look For In A Portable Ice Maker

What To Look For In A Portable Ice Maker

If the need for a portable ice maker has risen and you have to find the right one, what exactly do you look for? Is there even a real difference you should be looking for?

In light of making your portable ice maker shopping spree a little easier, here are some things to look for.

1. How Much Ice Will It Produce?

For the most part, small ice makers are going to produce the same amount of ice within a specific timeframe. However, there are some exceptions, and if you know you’ll be needing more ice than usual, look for a higher production rate.

When looking at the really small models, you can expect about 20 lbs of ice within a 24-hour cycle. A larger unit can produce up to 35 lbs.

2. The Type Of Ice It Produces

If you’ve never paid attention to the “quality” of ice before, you might find this interesting. The average portable ice maker will produce semi-soft, bullet-shaped ice. And despite the difference in shape, it carries the same consistency as well as the taste you’d find in a regular freezer.

Then, of course, you get restaurant quality ice. These are typically clear because they don’t consist impurities. If this is the type of ice you want, look for a portable ice maker that states it.

3. The Size Of The Ice

For those of you who want options regarding the size of the ice, there are models that can deliver. In fact, there are some models that provide three different sizes.

4. Visual Appeal

Apart from the portable ice maker producing quality ice, you want it to present well too. The good news is that they come in all shapes and sizes. You can find models with modern finishes and color (black, stainless steel, white) that can fit into a variety of spaces. Look at these portable ice maker options from Ice Maker Pros.

Ultimately, you want the model you choose to flow with the rest of your appliances and accessories.

5. Does It Have Innovative Features?

Not everyone is looking for the most intelligent ice maker, but sometimes it helps to have a few innovative features. For example, ice that doesn’t get used will eventually melt, after which you’ll have to turn it on to make ice again. But not if you get a model that can re-use the water from the melted ice. This is a very good option if you want ice on a consistent basis.

If you look deep enough, you will find models with timers. These allow you to set specific times for when ice should be produced, making it incredibly easy and readily available.

You don’t really notice how much you need ice until you run out. Why not prevent this problem from ever becoming yours again?

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