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Fake Tweets Used To Promote New Ad Products

Over the years the internet has become another media platform that survives financially  through promoting various products, tv shows, and films. Vis

Twitter Can Act As A Protector Against Tasteless Media

Twitter is often met with mixed feelings by the public. For some it is an obsessive pass time  where they can connect to their favorite stars and twe

Are You Dating the Next Aaron Hernandez Online?

We’re all shocked. Someone is not who he appeared to be. (Insert sarcastic gasp.) The Aaron Hernandez soap opera, which now includes blue bubblegum,

Practical Social Media for 2013 by Google Analyst Stephen E. Arnold

Information about social media for businesses is everywhere. The surplus of ideas, suggestions, tips, tricks, and insider information confuses more th

Why Are You on Facebook? Your social media plan should be fluid and nuanced

Social activity is fluid and nuanced – your social media plan should be, too. Harness social behavior by knowing the difference between brand advoc

Sex, Drugs & Coupon Codes: The Shopaholic Brain

A long, long time ago (well, 16 centuries to be more exact), the world’s first noted bazaar assembled in the Middle East. Everyday, people gathered

Zendesk on "Twitter Tax Break" and Cleaning up Mid-Market, San Francisco

  People don’t usually join a startup to do community service. They join to be part of something new and exciting; to build something bigge