6 Online Tools and Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

6 Online Tools and Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

6 Online Tools and Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Stay In Contact With Your Customers Via Email. Sending regular emails to customers is a simple and efficient way to keep customers informed about promotions and build brand loyalty. According to MarketingProfs, 65% of americans claimed to have been influenced to make a purchase because of email.

Taking time to send personalized emails to wish your customers “Happy Birthday” or “Seasons Greetings” is another way to help build customer relationships throughout the year. Small businesses that send regular email updates can expect to see a high return on investment. MailChimp offers their email marketing service for free for up to 2,000 emails while companies such as Aweber and Constant Contact have packages that range from $1 to $19 per month.

Marketing Tips for Small Businesses:

1. Save Time and Get More Business With Online Scheduling

Why spend time scheduling your customers, when they can schedule themselves? According to Schedulista, over 75% of their customer’s clients schedule their appointments during non-business hours. If your business relies on appointments, online appointment scheduling software is the perfect solution for managing your busy schedule. If you plan on trying email marketing, Schedulista offers email integration with MailChimp that automatically keeps your client records up to date, so you don’t need to import and export email addresses manually.

Find New Customers With Gift Certificates

By encouraging your clients to buy gift certificates for their friends and families, you can generate more brand awareness and attract new customers. According to Practical Ecommerce, 41% of consumers will try a new product or service because of a gift certificate and 72% will return even after using up the balance of the certificate.  The Motley Fool reports that the average customer is likely to spend 20% more than the gift card amount. This makes for a very attractive return on investment, especially since gift certificates are inexpensive to make. A set of 50 customized gift certificates with envelopes starts at about $17.99 through Vista Print.

Update Your Website, Blog and Social Media Accounts

The advertising and research firm Bia Kesely recently reported that over 97% of consumers research local businesses through some kind of online media. If you are offering special holiday deals, gift certificates or planning special events, it’s crucial that you make sure people can easily find out about them. Many businesses make the mistake of believing that a single Facebook status update is enough. It’s not. It’s important to regularly update your company’s web page, google business page and blog (if you have one).

Keep Your Clients Engaged with Facebook

In a recent Forbes survey, 78% of people said that a business’s social media posts affected their purchasing decisions. 81% stated that their friends’ posts directly influence their purchasing decisions. The more engagement you can have with your Facebook page, the more likely it is that your clients will share your page and influence their friends to find out about your business. Posting a holiday themed photo or recipe contests on Facebook is a great way to build community and keep customers engaged. Companies such as Short Stack make it simple to create contests and holiday calendars.

Be Consistent

Professional Marketers know the importance of staying in contact with customers all year round. Yet, after the holiday season, many businesses slow down their marketing efforts. January is an excellent time to continue to make social media updates, send out emails or even mail postcards to thank customers for their support over the holiday season and to wish them a Happy New Year.

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