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iOS7 Revolutionizes the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c

The rumors floating around the release of Apples new iPhones, 5s and 5c, have been clarified with today’s press release.   Hardware-wise, the i

You Launched Your App… Now What?

How we launched Chrometa, flopped, and then built traction by listening to our customers? How do you launch a new product?  It’s a question we get

Top Startup and Tech News Today-7 Things You Missed Today

1. YCombinator’s Paul Graham Now Taking Applications for Startup School 2013 (and it’s Free)   Beginning a startup company is not an easy th

Measure Radiation Levels with a Mobile App

For the first time I visited Tokyo as a businessman in 1991. Then, I was there in 2011. The magnificent country with ancient and beautiful traditions

Top 5 Apps in the Appstore

  It’s been little more than five years since the App Store first came out with Apple’s iPhone 3G back in 2009, and today we can see that the

Tech & Startup News: Top 7 Things You Missed Today Popular

The Team at CitizenTekk curates guest blogs across the web. Here are the top 7 things you missed today, July 24th, 2013: 1. Google held a press confer

Take A Bite Into Apple’s New iOS7 Beta 3

Apple has finally released the third beta version of iOS7, giving users a tantalizing tease of how the new operating system, (which is speculated for

Mobile Payments Are Not the Way of the (near) Future

There’s a lot of hype these days about “mobile payments” and the mobile wallet. We are told that soon we won’t need a wallet or even a credit

Today’s Reward Valued at $1700: 3-Day Pass to Mobile Commerce World

CitizenTekk and Mobile Commerce World are giving away a 3-day pass valued at $1699.00. All you have to do is enter your email to win and share this li