The Most Incredible Addition to Power up Your Inbox: Multi-Account Support

The Most Incredible Addition to Power up Your Inbox: Multi-Account Support

It’s now 8 months since the Mailbird beta launch and, already, thousands of new users join the beta program every week, predominantly coming from the U.S. and Europe, and a few in Asia. And here is one thing that will surely turn those thousands into millions very soon: the newest and long awaited addition to the Mailbird email platform – multi-account support!


Multi-account support is what separates web mail from desktop email clients. This is the number 1 reason people migrate from web mail to native email clients. This is how people gain more control and get a beautiful email experience that is fast and fully integrated with their PC and laptop OS. Finally you can eliminate having to keep annoying multiple tabs open, constantly having to log in and out of different accounts. You can now have a productive work flow while easily managing tons of information that come through your multiple email accounts each day. Starting today, all those online inboxes now have a solid central hub inside Mailbird – the email client that is often, and rightfully, referred to as “probably the best email client for Windows.”


The cool, international email team of Mailbird and many native email client users on Windows know that this is the biggest launch since the Mailbird beta went public. In a billion dollar market for native email clients for Windows, this one hits the nail on the head. Other email products out there today are either too expensive, don’t work properly, don’t support IMAP or have multi-account support. There is an underserved market for really great email clients on the Windows platform.


Current email clients for Windows OS today include Outlook, Thunderbird, Postbox, Inky, Opera Mail, Em Client and more. With pros and cons to all, a lot of these clients take a particular focus on changing the way email looks, reprioritizing how emails are sorted, creating an actionable to do list from the inbox and other features that desktop email users are keen of. It will be interesting to watch where email goes in the future and how these email client companies will compete on improving email for the world.


Additionally, with email as a global product, retargeting the Asian market for the first quarter of 2014 should unveil behavioral interaction differences. When it comes to email, Mailbird among other email clients are ready to stir things up with growing email trends on mobile and web. A prominent market in Asia is Indonesia. With a population of approximately 250 million who are extremely active online, more so than Western markets, there is a large potential for email client game changers that are innovating with today’s online social and productivity culture.  Mobile and web environments for email are the desktop’s sidekicks and only further boost that awesome “in control” feel you only get with a rock solid email client.


With tens of thousands of Mailbird signups since the beta launch, it speaks volumes to the many problems with email today. Some of the typical email problems we hear about today include complaints about how email is sluggish, old technology that hasn’t changed, it is distracting when you are working, it is ugly and the list goes on.


Exploring the Asian market for email is sure to bring many new insights into native email client behavior.

Andrea Loubier


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