Aquabot Giveaway

Aquabot Giveaway

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Aquabot allows you to cool off, clean off, hydrate and have fun with just your water bottle. It has shower, stream and mist patterns and sprays over 25-feet. It’s BPA free and requires no batteries.

Aquabot is perfect for youth sports, military, camping, pets, hunting, fishing, gardening and more.

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Product Description

AQUABOT: Makes Your Water Bottle Spray 25 Feet!

aquabot giveaway


During a trip to Alaska with my dad, brother and cousin Joe we managed to hike 12 miles uphill to a place called Lost Lake. Although, we brought a cooler full of ice, eggs, cream for coffee and chocolate mini donuts, we decided water was a commodity and could easily be found. It was, but we had to boil our water to make certain it was potable. Boiling water takes lots of time and fuel, but pouring water out of your bottle to use it doesn’t. Water bottles simply don’t provide you with efficiency or versatility.

There were two clear observations. One, water bottles are not efficient. Two, everyone had one. That’s when the idea hit me. Stop hiking uphill with a cooler! And make water bottles work better.

aquabot giveaway


Aquabot is one of those products that makes you wonder why it hasn’t already been done. We keep finding new uses for it and so will you. Here are a few obvious and not so obvious.

  • Water fights
  • Picnic and tailgate cleanup
  • Misting to cool off
  • Washing hands
  • Washing dishes
  • Rinsing off scuba gear
  • Burning man stuff
  • Hydrating pets
  • Rinsing off sand after the beach
  • Rinsing off mountain bikes
  • Drinking
  • Warm backcountry showers
  • Washing pets
  • Putting out campfires
  • Watering small plants
  • Cooling off BBQ grill hot spots
  • Fun with TSA at airports



Simply twist on Aquabot and then start pumping. The air is what compresses and creates the pressure so you need to leave some air in your bottle. The trigger is the big clear disc. You can control how much water comes out by how hard you press on it.

The nozzle controls the spray pattern. With the nozzle all the way tightened Aquabot will spray a mist. As you rotate the nozzle the mist pattern will tighten until it gets to a jet. If you need more water then take the nozzle off to use the shower pattern.



Aquabot fits on most popular wide-mouth water bottles. Below are some of the more popular bottles. There are too many water bottles for us to know all of them.

  • Nalgene®: Everyday, Silo, OTF and OTG
  • Camelbak®: Eddy, Chute and some of their squeeze bottles


aquabot giveaway

Aquabot with a Nalgene bottle


aquabot giveaway aquabot giveaway