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 A Smart Router That Uses AI to Keep Your Kids Safe

Gryphon launches intrusion detection that utilizes deep learning AI algorithm to monitor for abnormal traffic patterns in connected devices

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Product Description

Enter Gryphon, a powerful high-performance WiFi router and smartphone app, making it easy to manage a connected home. All security features are built directly within the router itself, eliminating the need to install additional apps or software on connected devices.

Gryphon can keep a home’s connected devices safer with intelligent intrusion detection that tracks the unique fingerprint of each connected device when it communicates on the network. Utilizing machine learning, if an attack occurs Gryphon will recognize the change in fingerprint of the specific device on the network in order to warn the user and immediately quarantine the device. The Gryphon router also actively monitors malware by constantly syncing with Kaspersky’s thread database, one of the leaders in internet security.

Parents can take an active role in protecting their kids online through the Gryphon app by granting access to specific websites, restricting internet access during various times of the day (such as during sleep and homework), and monitoring all the home’s connected home devices like thermostats or cameras to prevent hacking in real time. Parents can customize internet time limits for each child as well as view their browsing history, or pause the internet for more family time. Children can send real-time requests to a parent’s phone to review websites and grant permission, from anywhere.

It’s difficult to know which websites are appropriate. The app even features a social collaboration tool, so parents can work together with friends, teachers, and schools to create a safer internet for everyone by recommending and rating specific websites. To guide the parent, Gryphon aggregates the approval ratings through Crowd Ranking™. The ranking is constantly updated based on a child’s age and the approval ratings of the community.

The Gryphon router can be setup in minutes. Simply plug in the router and download the app, which will automatically find the device via secure Bluetooth. Then tap connect

Additional features of include:

  • MU-MIMO Technology: Separates data streams for each device, making your network much more efficient
  • Antenna Beam Forming: Broadcasts data in optimized directions for each device, to increase both signal distance and speed
  • 802.11AC: Supports higher throughput than traditional 802.11n
  • Tri-band WiFi (2.4GHz and 5GHz): Maintains both new and old devices
  • Six High-powered Antennas: Provides optimal coverage, up to 2,500 square feet
  • Wireless Mesh Networking: Connects multiple Gryphons to extend WiFi signals throughout the whole house