Reputable Drone Companies

Reputable Drone Companies

Reputable Drone Companies


There is no doubt that the 21st century has taken the realm of aeronautics and flight to new levels of innovation and enjoyment. The drone industry has taken professional cinematographers and hobbyists to unprecedented possibilities and the amazing thing is that droning is still very much in its developmental stages.

While there are certain companies that specialize in making practical and affordable drones for introductory flight lessons and novice hobbyists. Than there are drone companies that create highly sophisticated designs and drones dedicated to high-speed racing, capturing high-quality footage and even performing other tasks that were only performed by light aircraft just two decades ago. This is also a new economic boom and plenty of these below are among the best drone stocks to buy.

Company Profile: DJI

The city of ShenZhen can be considered the Silicon Valley of the East and is home to the DJI headquarters. This strategic location provides the raw materials, suppliers and creative minds that fuel innovative productions. With barely more than a decade since its establishment in a single room office, DJI has grown onto a multinational organization with over 6,000 employees in its payroll.

There are offices In the United States, Germany, Hong Kong, Netherlands and Beijing. Being privately owned and operated, DJI is allowed to focus its resources on developing the vision and supporting the wide array of commercial and non-profit applications of their technology.

Today DJI technologies are at work across many different industrial lines to redefine and improve processes.

Company Profile:Parrot

Parrot has produced some of the most impressive drone design options seen in the professional world today. In addition to their first-rate drones, Parrot also applies cutting-edge wire-less multimedia and sophisticated software to their control interfaces.

One of their most impressive editions to date is the Parrot AR Drone. This unit can be controlled over a WiFi connection and has utilizes augmented reality to add a practical and user-friendly interface to the quickly growing UAV market.

Parrot Drones is headquartered in Paris and counts on a workforce of over 750 professionals internationally.

Company Profile: 3DR

A couple years back, 3DR launched a smart drone that brought a new era to drone use for novice users. The “SOLO” brought new life to the industry and made exquisite photography available to both professionals and the rookie enthusiasts alike. The practical applications of Solo soon spoiled from the consumer demographic into the commercial and entertainment industry.

The following year they launched SiteScan a next-level aerial analytics platform that improves flying functions and capacity for these machines. The 3DR company teamed up with Autodesk and the SOny Corporation to produce a high-res easy-performance reality capture. With SitScan a user can perform all types of physical asset management and other worksite analysis.

Company Profile: Yuneec

Yuneec began as a purveyor of model and RC aircraft for the hobbyist but soon grew into a much larger operation. Their precision beginnings gave them a respect for the safety and performance of their products and this has allowed them to make a name for themselves with next level usability and capacity in their products.

From the various arms of the Law Enforcement and Search and Rescue efforts of the Yuneec products provide a edge over topographical obstructions with a birds eye view of the region. From many impressive variations of RC aircraft to the design and configuration of next-level quadcopters capable of impressive aerial footage, Yuneec has taken their dedication to quality through 15 years of excellence.

Company Profile: EHang

EHang is one of the world leaders in creating intelligent aerial craft of all types. Ehang has a headquarters in the city of Guangzhou, China but also has locations in Dusseldorf, California and Shanghai. With the mission to “let humanity fly like a bird”, the EHang corporation has created some of the most practical and intuitive drone on the markets today.

Ghostdrone 2.0 is one such example that combines a simplistic control system for EHangs “Play App” and a unique Avatar mode that allows the user to capture incredible aerial footage. Ghostdrone 2.0 has been one of the most popular drone options for the masses that need a simplistic flying machine to allow their imagination to soar.

Company Profile: Walkera


Walkera Technology Co., Ltd. (WALKERA) was established in 1994 and since then has developed into a major Aero-Model manufacturer. Their company mission is to properly combine the needs and expectations of the customer with next-level research and development. With primary focus on developing and distributing small personal models of aircraft, they also offer a complete solution to industries dealing with large expanses of land, fire protection and even the energy fields.

They are also in control of a couple of sub brands and two subsidiaries located in the US. Walkera also exports their products and service to over 100 different countries globally and has a international reputation for a solid product that provides plenty of next-level sophistication.

At Walkera they fully understand that there success and innovation depends largely on their capacity to work with their customers and exceed their expectations.

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