Secrets To Better Video And Media Streaming

Secrets To Better Video And Media Streaming

Secrets To Better Video And Media Streaming

Most people would agree that having access to content on more devices is a good thing. Even so, online streaming can still be a challenge. It is easy to overload wi-fi networks and slow streaming, videos can take forever to load, and media or content can constantly lag. If you enjoy streaming, you’ll find these five hacks helpful for improving your streaming experience.

Don’t overload your network
While it’s great that we can connect almost every device in our home to the internet, it can really slow down network speed when we do this all at once. Smart devices are certainly making our lives easier, but the more devices we connect, the bigger the impact on our internet connection.

Today, refrigerators, televisions, home security systems, climate control systems and even our coffee makers can be connected via WiFi and operated remotely. This is great if we leave home and haven’t turned off the coffee maker or closed the garage door. However, when we want to sit down and watch a movie, it’s best to disconnect all of these devices from the network before you start to stream. All you have to do is disable the Internet sharing and then click to disconnect any devices, not in use. It is also helpful to exit any unnecessary programs or applications that may compete with your streaming application for bandwidth.

Regularly delete all temporary internet and cache files

These cache files take up more space than you realize and can really slow down your connection speed. Also, always allow your computer or device to completely shut down before you turn it off. When we exit a browser or close a window the operating system begins deleting all the small temporary files that were created while you are were surfing the Net. If a device is closed before it can perform these actions, these files aren’t deleted and will eventually end up slowing down the system and impacting the device’s ability to load and play video.

Before you start streaming, take the time to go into the settings on your browser. Click on history and then clear the recent history as well as all temporary internet files. This will free up space and allow your device to more readily stream your video. There are also several online tools that can help you test the browser caching issues you might be experiencing.

Change the Channel

When we hook up various devices to our router, we use a certain channel. If you find your media is continually buffering, try switching that device to another channel. It can help to download a WiFi scanner such as Acrylic WiFi. This application will run a scan on all channels at all frequencies and then display how many networks are using the channels.

Once you find a channel that isn’t very busy, open your browser and enter the IP address of your router. Next, enter your username and password. Once you’re in, go to the settings for your router and select the channel you want. This should help speed up your video and media streaming.

Try Ethernet

Yes, we’re all very fond of WiFi, but with lucrative deals for fibre broadband internet being wide on the market, it just begs to assemble a proper Ethernet connection for your streaming device. For most of the time, even though WiFi is great for allowing us remote access, it is usually slowing down the connection speed.
A 10Mb/s wireless router will be capable of delivering only half the speed it could if it were
connected via an Ethernet cable. This reduces the quality of your video streaming. Of course, most mobile devices won’t accept an Ethernet cable, so this will only work with a computer.

Disable the hardware acceleration

When you are experiencing slow streaming, pixilated graphics and crashing media, the cause is usually hardware acceleration. When you turn off hardware acceleration, application will select the best hardware resource requirements instead of the default settings.

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