Sleep Meets Technology: Apps And Smart Devices For Better Sleep

Sleep Meets Technology: Apps And Smart Devices For Better Sleep

Sleep Meets Technology: Apps And Smart Devices For Better Sleep

Doctors recommend at least 6 hours of sleep every day. Rest is a vital component in our life and body – body cells and especially the brain rejuvenates or are revitalized while we sleep. Lack of sleep or inability to enjoy a good night’s sleep can have many adverse effects on one’s body and health. High blood pressure, weight problems, and a weak immune system are some of the issues caused by sleep deprivation.

In the wake of smartphones and busy life schedules, getting the recommended hours of sleep is almost always a hard target to hit. Those that try to get the 8 hours of sleep are often find it hard to sleep straight without waking up, which again reduces the quality of sleep. Some of these issues can be addressed with the help of apps and smart devices. Humanizing technologies have provided a milestone in aiding better sleep.

Sleep Apps:

1. Proactive Sleep App

Proactive Sleep is an app that basically works like sleep diary, alarm clock, and ambient music. The app lets users track the number of sleep hours, caffeine consumption, when they exercise, and even when having trouble falling asleep. The data is then accumulated then averaged after 7 or 30-day cycles.

2. Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock App

Sleep cycle is an app that allows users analyze their sleeping habits. The app can be installed on your iPhone, which you have to place on your bed (next to you) while you sleep.  It then monitors your movements while you sleep, and even wakes you up in your lightest sleep phase. This enables you to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day.


1. The Nyx Somnus Sleep Shirt

The Nyx Somnus sleep shirt is made of fabric electronics designed to monitor the user’s breathing patterns. The shirt also comes with a small chip placed in the breast pocket that processes data received while you sleep. The chip is capable of detecting when we dream (REM sleep), light sleep, and deep sleep. Team this up with the right bed for you, with a mattress for side sleepers, front sleepers or back sleepers and you should enjoy a comfy night’s rest.

2. Fitbit

This is a wireless-enabled device meant to measure the level of physical activity such as steps walked, sleep, and wake events.

3. Jawbone Up

This is a GPS-enabled health monitoring device (motionX powered) designed to keep track of the user’s activities such as distance walked, sleep, quality of food and sleep among other personal merits. The device comes with additional features that make it possible for users to create events/challenges to participate. The challenges, however, have to be health oriented.

4. Zeo

This is more of an advanced alarm clock capable of monitoring a person’s sleep states. The device however only wakes you during the best stage of sleep, mainly the last light sleep phase. A headband and a bedside base unit base are used to monitor one’s activity while asleep, as well as wake them up.5. BAM Labs Smart Bed Monitoring DeviceThe TCL (Touch-free life care) system uses a mattress and cloud monitoring platforms (HIPAA-compliant) to monitor essential details of the user’s sleep patterns wirelessly. The data collected is transmitted wirelessly and can also be accessed from the cloud. The client/patient doesn’t have to come into direct contact with this smart device.

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