Smart Watches vs Traditional Timepieces

Smart Watches vs Traditional Timepieces

Smart Watches vs Traditional Timepieces

As humans progress, so does our technology; the computer and printer replaced the typewriter, laptops replaced the computer and tablets may soon replace the laptops. With our constantly developing advancements, we see innovation and change in all of our technologies – cars, mobile phones, gaming consoles, sound systems, home appliances and even our timepieces. Modern wrist watch designs have been renovated with the additions of kinetic recharge, solar power, calculators, even instant messaging and more!


Image result for lordtimepiecesThe Smart Watch can be linked with a user’s smartphone for functionality and ease as well as looking sleek, dynamic and of course, trend led. But is that all smart watches are; a trend? Surely traditional timepieces still have a valuable place on our wrists. Regardless of how popular the new smart watches may seem to be, classical timepieces remain irreplaceable accessories, not only for their beauty and complexity but for their heritage too.


Every so many years big tech companies bring out upgrades for their mobiles and smart devices -so being realistic, a smart watch is not a watch for life. A luxury mechanical timepiece however, can be a statement throughout your life and become unique to you and your aesthetic. Let’s take a look at some of the other comparisons between smart watches and traditional watches, by pitting the Apple watch head to head with Lord Timepieces’ unique automatic watches


Smart Watches vs Traditional Timepieces


  1. COST


Apple watches can cost anything between £200-£400 in the UK, whilst the quality watches from Lord Timepiece cost a mere £50-£60! The mechanical watch is really a one time investment, whereas the Apple watch could end up costing you a fortune for upgrades and repairs.



When it comes down to it, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Some people may enjoy that buggy, futuristic look, but my personal preferences lie in the elegance of a mechanical clock face and adjustable leather strap. Who could tire of something so iconic to the individual?


Take this exquisite Lord Timepiece ‘Caesar’ watch, with the exposed skeleton face in a rich gold, affluently contrasting against the black leather. The craftsmanship that goes into creating the working mechanics of a classical wristwatch is extremely complex and is something I’ll always find remarkably intriguing. Interesting-looking accessories are always a good point for conversation too.


  1. CARE


If your watch stops working or if the leather strap tarnishes, you can easily get parts replaced and working again in no time – just see a specialist who’ll be able to take care of your precious piece so that it may last a lifetime. The Apple watch requires updates and charging and is very expensive to replace if the worst happens!




Aside from the issue of having to charge your smart watch’s battery, there are a lot of annoyances that come with the Apple watch – as reported by fellow users of the device. A common criticism I’ve seen floating around numerous forums is issues with syncing, restarting, calibration and the overall idea that you have yet another device to receive neverending notifications on. Apparently tilting the watch to read the time doesn’t always trigger the screensaver to display, so the exaggerated whip of the wrist makes telling the time that bit more difficult and unnecessary. None of that with a traditional timepiece. No sir.




In a world of crazy inventions where everything is digital and nothing ever stops beeping and flashing – it’s actually quite nice to have a quiet piece of technology on your person. Sometimes, simplicity is the way forward.

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