Special Report: Google Glass Arrest

Special Report: Google Glass Arrest

For the first time, an arrest has been caught on film using Google Glass.

The arrest took place a couple of weeks ago when a fight broke out at a fourth of July celebration.  At the time, documentary-maker Chris Barrett had taken his computer-eyeware to the Jersey Shore boardwalk to film fireworks but ended up recording the fight.


After the celebration, Barrett posted his footage on YouTube, claiming in his post that “this video is proof that Google Glass will change citizen journalism forever!”


In an interview with NPR, Barrett said that Google Glass could help ensure the safety of journalists since it could allow war reporters capture footage while leaving their hands free to protect themselves.  He added that it could also help reporters film situations discreetly when knowledge of their filming could put them in danger.


Yet it is that same ability to film discreetly that has many privacy advocates worried. Christopher Gevrey of Reuters claimed that Barrett’s footage “foreshadows the rapidly approaching future where everything can be filmed serendipitously by folks wearing devices like Google Glass without the knowledge of the parties involved.”


In response to a series of questions from 10 privacy regulators from around the world, Google said last month that it won’t be changing any of its privacy policies for Glass-specific concerns.  However, Google has announced that the company will think carefully about lawmakers’ feedback.


Meredith Bradfield


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