How Startups Can Benefit from New Hosting Options

How Startups Can Benefit from New Hosting Options

How Startups Can Benefit from New Hosting Options

The age of technology has led to dramatic changes in the way businesspeople generate leads and make profits. The Internet has been the most important business feature for at least a decade. However, until five years ago, it wasn’t the key to success for every single business. Nowadays, a small business can barely survive if it isn’t present online. There’s no successful online presence without proper website functionality and reliable hosting. As the number of startups is growing on a global scale, providers are coming up with innovative options to accommodate websites, blogs and other online places. Here’s how a newly launched startup can ensure faster growth through these services.


Affordable packages for lower costs

When you start a small business, overhead costs devour the largest part of your budget. So, it’s logical that an ambitious but cautious startup owner tries various alternatives that will reduce those expenses. One of the most practical ways to reach that goal is to avoid paying annual software licenses. Some software solutions are too expensive, given that you might need them a few times a year. Of course, by pointing this out, we aren’t suggesting any illegal actions, but using some free alternatives or searching for affordable SaaS options. That way, you can use a software solution only when you need it and pay only for the amount of time you’ve used it.

Moreover, some providers offer this option together with cloud storage space. Such a combination can save a lot of resources. What’s more, when the provider of these services becomes your website host, as well, you’ll be able to make more significant savings.

Different levels of services

Since the Internet market is an extremely liberal environment, every startup owner can choose their providers from a large number of options. While there are some large companies that dominate the global market, there are also smaller players. The former dictate the rules, but they don’t work directly with small business owners. Here’s where the latter enter the stage. What you should aim for is a reliable smaller provider that offers services of a renowned hosting company. Establishing such a business collaboration will bring multifold benefits for your startup. Firstly, it’s easier to get prompt customer support from such a distributor. Secondly, you can choose from a variety of providers from different parts of the world. This is extremely important in terms of your financial benefits, since you could score less more acceptable deals with foreign providers. For instance, having a large website requires some special server features that might be too expensive in your country. That way, reaching an agreement with specialists from Toronto or utilizing professional web hosting in Sydney could ensure a stable and secure future for your website, as well as for your business.


Security concerns

In addition to affordable rates and adjustable hosting options, you should also take great care of your provider’s security features. First and foremost, you need to know the location of the servers. If a provider refuses to disclose it, don’t even consider working with them. Moreover, you should put the legal liability of data loss or theft in written form. If a third-party steals or damages your data, the provider is to be held responsible. Since you might need to negotiate these terms, it would be smart to read these guidelines on the legal matters concerning data breach.

Also, when it comes to server access, make sure that the provider protects your account with at least two layers of authentication. Apart from that, discuss all other security features they use by default and check with them how this protection can be improved.

As online hosts make innovative and customer-based offers, startup owners can adjust these options to their specific needs. Finding the right provider for this matter is one of the crucial steps towards building a booming business. Therefore, take all our tips into consideration and ensure appropriate services for all your online places.

Dan Radak is a marketing professional with ten years of experience. He is currently working with a number of companies in the field of digital marketing, closely collaborating with a couple of e-commerce companies. He is also a coauthor on several technology websites and regular contributor to Technivorz.


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