The DNA of Successful Mobile Apps

The DNA of Successful Mobile Apps

The DNA of Successful Mobile Apps

The mobile app industry has flourished at an incredible rate since the arrival of the iPhone in 2007— and now, Gartner predicts this year, global revenues from apps will be $26 billion, a rise of more than 44% since last year. However, one of four downloaded mobile apps is never used, and then discarded, according to a study by Localytics.

There is a constant search for the process and elements that turn ideas into successful apps. We’ve started our mobile app agency Mobiversal in 2011. Since then, we’ve served over 30 clients and our apps have been downloaded more than 1.5 million times. I’ll be highlighting some key takeaways from our own experience and also from the feedback I got from other companies that developed apps for brands like RunKeeper, Macy’s, Porsche, Rue La La, Bloomingdale’s, Forbes, or Lady Gaga.

3 Tips for Successful Mobile Apps:


Focus on the true essence of your app

When thinking through your app idea, focus on the central theme of the idea and continuously get rid of stuff that are cluttering your app. “One of the earliest indicators if a startup prospect is going to be a good fit is if they can succinctly describe what they are trying to do. If we have to see a thirty-page slide deck or have an hour long conversation, they aren’t focused enough. If you can’t grab our attention in fifteen seconds, then you’re not going to be able to do the same with investors. And much like an investor, we need to see a clear market opportunity for the app and understand the business plan.” said Ken Yarmosh, author of bestselling book “App Savvy”.

Integrate your design and development process 

“We have a very integrated approach to our design and development process. Our design organization works collaboratively with our development team to ensure that the things that we design are supported by great technology decisions. This happens throughout the product cycle, starting with the concept, wireframing and composition stages. The only way we’ve found to create world-class products is to have a tight design and development methodology.” stated Greg Raiz, founder of Boston-based Raizlabs.

Start marketing the same day that development does

The best marketing is your product, however that’s not enough. You need to prepare the way for the big launch, so it’s best to start marketing as soon or even before you start development on the app. “A marketing strategy is crucial to the success of an app. We can build the most beautifully designed app in the world, but the app may still fail if people don’t know about it,” stated Jordan Edelson, founder of NYC-based Appetizer Mobile.

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