Switching from iOS to Android

Switching from iOS to Android

Switching from iOS to Android

Thinking of switching from iOS to Android? Those before you who have made the switch from iOS to Android have found the Android equivalent apps and functions that are the same, if not better than the ones you knew from iOS.

OS Camps. Pledge your Allegiance!

Surf iOS v Android Subreddits, forums and comment streams on tech articles and it is easy to see that there is still a (if a little too healthy) rivalry between the two smartphone OS’s. Then there are the camps of people contemplating switching from one to the other, which sparks a ‘who does it better’ debate. ZD Net’s Liam Tung nailed it with the summary that these people will defend the superiority of their OS to the death.

With so many interesting new smartphones coming out on the market running Android, the outlines of a legitimate competitor OS is now finally becoming visible to many long-time iOS fanatics. Android growth is certainly undeniable, with 3 in 4 smartphones running Android globally. It’s noticeable in public how many Android phones there are now, and many of you will probably have friends who you could have sworn would be iOS users for life, who ultimately switched to Android. We sure know a few! That’s the mark of the change that is happening.

For iOS users contemplating switching from iOS to Android, their biggest fear right now is that they’ll miss out on continuity. The second biggest fear seems to be that they won’t be able to use iTunes which has been their seamless way to get music on their phone easily. Then there is the general hesitation; iOS is notorious for its ‘stupid-simple’ UI. Many people have been amazed by the speed at which our grandparents and small children have been able to learn and use iOS. So some users are also worried about learning a new OS when they’ve gotten so used to the one they know.

The good news is that when moving over to Android there are often apps and functions available that will be the same if not better!

PPLCONNECT, DoubleTwist and Android Device Manager and just a few of these. Below we will take you through the apps and functions that make the switch smooth, and for more info there are also in-depth switching guides like this one from ZD Net to check out.


In terms of music needs, Android users who love to keep a MacBook, for example, can install some software called DoubleTwist on their computer. It looks and feels exactly like iTunes, and will fill the musical void. Add the DoubleTwist Android app to the smartphone and enjoy music syncing over WIFI. Since the iPod came before the iPhone, Apple products have always been well-known for their music functions. If you’re worried about getting your music on Android, the DoubleTwist desktop and Android apps will have you bopping away before you know it! Click here for the Google Play app and click here for the Desktop App details. Fun fact, it was made in the live music capital, Austin! #KeepItWeird

Android Device Manager

Apple’s Find my Phone has an Android twin too; Android Device Manager. According to a recent article from TrendBlog.net, The best thing about it is that you don’t need to install an app to be able to track your devices. The only requirement is that your device is connected to your Google account, turned on and connected to the internet. Of course, we hope you never have to use it!


To ease the transition you might like to play with the customizable features of Android, making it similar to the look and feel of iOS. Adam Clark Estes at Gizmodo had issues with his iPhone and decided to try out Android while he was waiting for the new iPhone to come out three months later. The first thing he did was line up the apps in neat little rows. The ability to easily move everything around as you please in Android is super fun. When Adam’s phone was fixed and he tried iOS again, he said the OS felt surprisingly basic. He also recommends that anyone switching to Android remembers to turn off iMessage first, in order to avoid what LifeHacker’s Adam Pash famously dubbed ‘iMessage purgatory’. In other words, to make sure your incoming SMS are received on your new Android phone and not disappearing into the Apple abyss!

Thinking about switching from iOS to Android? Let us know what is holding you back. Already made the switch and never looking back? Share your experience with us! Comment below with your thoughts, questions etc.


Kimberley Castlemain


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