Startups – How the Right Team Can Make or Break You

Before you do anything, know what your team wants. As a founder, it’s important to figure out how you, your company, and everyone in your team will

The Ask: Don’t Go Into a Meeting Without One

You walk into the coffee shop with a pop in your step. This is the meeting you’ve been waiting for all week. The guy whose blogs you’ve been readi

Advice From an Angel Investor

Deepak Goel is a mentor with 500 Startups and an individual angel investor. Please note that the opinions expressed here are his personal opinions and

Your Company’s Virtual Presence – Why It’s More Than Just A Website

A truly effective corporate virtual presence is not a website, but what lies beneath. If your organisation has a website, a mobile site or even corpor

Why You Need To Diversify Your Customers

I see it time and time again — businesses put all of their eggs into 1 or 2 customers, neglecting the fact that they can count their revenue sou

Food, the Internet, & the Paradox of Choice

  As the Internet has evolved at a rapid rate over the last twenty years, we have truly become a connected, online world. Today there are an abun