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Does Google Glass Have a Place Behind the Wheel?

Does Google Glass Have a Place Behind the Wheel?

Who would have thought that a speeding ticket could have such a large impact on the tech community?  When a California judge recently dismissed a ticket that was handed out to a driver wearing Google Glass behind the wheel, eyes were opened.

Google Glass Is Only The First Step Toward Nanotechnology

google glass features Google’s earnings for the second quarter of 2013 reminded me that the search giant faces some challenges. Expenses moved up a

Top Tech and Startup News: 7 Things You Missed Today

1. John Carmack joins the Oculus team to work on the software for The Rift John Carmack is a co-founder to the id software, and is most known for his

Special Report: Google Glass Arrest

For the first time, an arrest has been caught on film using Google Glass. The arrest took place a couple of weeks ago when a fight broke out at a four